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Hey, this is my first book so plz leave comments when u read it. Even if the comments arn't nice. Anaway hope u enjoy!
P.S. I have writen G-Rated but it can be PG- Rated for very young ones who wont understand.

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A bark in the distance......

"Where am I?" I murmed. Everything was blurred and hazy.I suddenly realised I had forgotten to put my glasses. I scrambled for my glasses on the shelf jutting out from the wall. My hands touched a thin metal.

Once my glasses were on I could think properly. Sunlight streamed out onto my bed from the small window. I heard a swish of waves and suddenlt knew where I was.I climbed down the metal ladder from my bed to Skyler's, my sister, bed.

" Psst! Sky, are you awake? Sky!" I whispered. Ofcourse my sister was peacfully sleeping anaware it was morning. " Sky! wake up or...or..." I couldn't find the word to finish my sentence.

"Or?" Sky teased me.

"Never you mind"

"Why did you wake me up then?"

"Cause It's morning!"

" Well incase you didn't know I'm quite capable of waking my self up"

" She talks after she wakes up" I said walking to the toilet for a quick shower.

Sky and me were soon ready, after we had had a fight over the blu and yellow sandals ( we only had one pair) which I got. Unfortunatly Skyler got the green toothbrush for the summer ( not fair she get's the toothbrush every time).

I stepped into the other caravan ( the only one with a kitchen in it). Mum was already at the table, " Hey kids! What took you so long not been fight have you?" she asked.

" It was Justin's fault! He took the sandals" Skyler said defending herself.

" Was not! Sky took the green toothbrush" I said back.

Mum sighed, " tell you what just eat breakfast and get over with it. Maisie is cooking your breakfast already."

We joined Mum at the dinner table. Not long after Maisie came out of the kitchen her black plait's swinging from side to side. She layed to identical plates in front of us each loaded with bacon and potato.There was a fried egg also, and to finish she had given usa glass of orange juice each.

The day passed slowly. And soon we wereplaying on thegolden sand of the beach. We also swam in the sparkling blue water, often visited from time to time by dolphins.

Finally we were all tucked up in bed and fast asleep.

I woke up to a sound like a panting. I hurriedly put my glasses on and climbed to Skyler's bed.

" Sky, please... there's a weird sound. Wake up!" I whispered urgently.

" what..now...must...be....mum" Skyler said loudly. Suddenly there was a bang that woke her up.

" Sky, there was a-" I started

" Who is that?" Skyler asked her voice trembling. I followed the finger that was outstretched to the window. There in the window was an awful face. It had a bushy beard, yellow teeth and a horrifing scar that sstretched when he smiled.

" Ahhhhhh!" Sky screamed. Suddenly there was a screeching sound.

" The key! We left it in the lock!" We said inn unision......

To Be Continued

Chapter 2

I was almost on the verge of crying- and boys never do that it's what girls do. Sky already scared was sweating in panic. " Sky, listen we have to pretend we are asleep" I whispered" he might no notice." We both burried our heads in the covers scared to death. I didn't like Sky but I still wanted her to be safe.The heavy footsteps told us the man was still there. What shouldwe do?I felt a heavy breathing over the bed. I hardly dared to breathe.Some footsteps. A muffledmoans.More footsteps. Then the door closed with a bang I turned to see if Sky was ok. I almost wet my pants where there was supposed to be my younger sister was nothingbut sheets thrown around." No," I choked tears streaming sown my face."No,No!" I fell to the ground on my bareknees praying thatSky would be safe withoutanyone.


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