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Happy Pancake Molly and her Breakfast Friends

By: glitter snow426

Page 1, One spectacular surprise morning for Trevor\'s dad and just a fun, happy day in wonderful, Sweet Sunshine Kitchen!

Happy Pancake Molly and her Breakfast Friends

Come and Get Your Happiness!

This story is about little Trevor Clayton who is four and a half years old. He lives with his dad, Alan and they certainly enjoy going to the hockey game every Wednesday evening. Trevor loves their hockey night and the best part of this time is afterwards. Trevor and his dad are usually hungry, Alan happily makes a big snack and this evening, it's grilled cheese sandwiches, hot dogs with fries, bacon and hash browns. There is plenty of food, sometimes Alan's close friends come along for that terrific, fun meal.Trevor now grins from ear to ear. "Thank you Daddy, I like my sandwich with the funny bacon face on the cheese!" His dad laughs. At close to nine thirty, contentedly full Trevor is ready for bedtime. He couldn't finish his hot dog but he ate all of the chocolate pudding. Alan soon reads his favourite story, Happy Pancake Molly and her Breakfast Friends. The sweetest loving moment is Trevor quickly falls asleep, he holds his soft toy bunny, Benny and Little Ruff puppy. Trevor always sleeps with them. Later on, Alan is too tired to do any kitchen cleaning. He will get up early and everything will be done before he heads to work. The last thing Trevor's dad will do is turn off all the lights but he makes sure the small kitchen light is on for their cat, Snickers.

The house is quiet, it's time for adventure,Trevor's storybook characters all show up on the kitchen counter. Happy Pancake Molly turns to her friends, Cereal Box Sam, Eggy Alice, Cinnamon Toast Cindy, Blueberry Waffle Wayne, Orange Juice Joey and Apple Oatmeal Olive. They all notice the messy stains, melted cheese, bacon greese and spilled ketchup. Happy Pancake Molly is not happy, "Oh, this doesn't look like our Sweet Sunshine Kitchen, must be cleaned up,that smiling spotless look! I need some help, we can all pitch in and do our best!" Now, her friends all nodded, yes and in a busy awesome time, this kitchen later looked very nice. Even the cute sign by the fridge, Come and Get Your Happiness, glowed with a great shine. Before going to his little bed, Snickers gazed at the beautiful neat, fresh clean kitchen. He then gave out a big yawn, he curled up comfy in his blanket bed.

The next morning at seven forty, Alan wakes up by the sound of the bedroom telephone. His friend,Julie needs a drive to work at the school. She is a teacher like Alan. Shortly, Alan checks little Trevor, he is sleeping very peacefully. Alan smiles, he is happy to see this. Close to eight, Trevor's babysitter, Eileen enters. She greets Snickers by the door. After Alan's shower, he is well dressed coming down the stairs to see Eileen. She is all smiles, "I have homemade raisin cookies and that funny children's video, Exercise with Eddy, I know Trevor will like this!" Alan is very glad."Thanks Eileen, listen sorry to say this but the kitchen is such a mess. Trevor and I had hot dogs, bacon cheese sandwiches after the hockey game last night. I hope you don't mind getting it cleaned up, I definitely will appreciate it, really. You'll get a super gift for sure." She nods yes and then she goes into the kitchen. Suddenly, she is very surprised to see a pretty tidy up kitchen. "Ah Alan, I don't see a mess at all, your kitchen is just lovely!" Now, Alan hears, he wants to see the lovely kitchen. The look on his face is shocked, truly amazed. "Oh wow! Maybe I woke up in the middle of the night to clean, well, this is great!" Eileen laughs, "Maybe you did, you want some breakfast?" Alan gets close to a clean, shiny counter,an empty sparkling sink without dishes. He shows the biggest smile, cute chuckle while staring at the kitchen table. Now, Alan scratches his head with wonder, he turns to Eileen.

"Ah, that's ok, I'll grab something quick nearby.Trevor is still sleeping. Gee, I can't get over this nice kitchen surprise, it's amusing! Ah,bit crazy but amusing, I love it! So, bye then, I'm picking up a friend. Have a great day, I'll call Trevor the usual time." he reaches for his briefcase. Eileen now glances at the clock, she will watch a certain cooking show on tv. "Oh, you too, I will make pancakes later, I feel like it!" Alan waves, he chuckles going out the door. Moments after, Happy Pancake Molly and her friends, Apple Oatmeal Olive and Cereal Box Sam giggle softly in the cupboard. "Well, everything is fine when you have dearest friends, we did very good with a little magic last night!" Now, Oatmeal Olive sighs, "A clean kitchen is a happy one and a special place to sing, Come and Get Your Happiness!" They all agree. Now, Snickers the cat, rubs against Eileen's leg and he is looking for some breakfast. Eileen surely understands, she leaves the program for a short pause to also enjoy a few cookies. Eileen is happy as she glances at the new start of a spring garden puzzle on the diningroom table. She and Trevor had fun with it. This is going to be another wonderful day, happiness is glowing bright, especially in Sweet, Sunshine Kitchen.

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