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The Legend of a spider named Incy

Short story By: hotmilk
Childrens stories

A humorous story for children and thoose that haven't lost the child at heart.

We all know the rhyme but did you know that it was based around the life of an extraordinary being, see the adventure behind the story and what was really going on up that drainpipe, on that fateful day...go on I dare you!

I hope you enjoy the tale but even in the off chance you do not any comments will still be warmly appreciated.x

Submitted:Jan 16, 2010    Reads: 381    Comments: 7    Likes: 5   

Incy Wincy Spider
Once upon a time, in a land not so far away lived a little arachnid called Incifer Winceabob, and he was in love with the most beautiful spider around, Princess Black Widow. But their love was never to be, for you see earlier that very same day the castle was attacked by an elite team of sparrows and they had kidnapped the princess. So now it was up to little Incy, to face the world, put an end to the sparrows reign of terror and save the Princess.
Fifteen spider hours later:
Incy had scampered high and low and had finally arrived at his destination...The Drainpipe of number 44. But how was he going to get up there and even as he began to ponder this, the heavens opened and it began to rain.
"Oh Dear" cried Incy "However am I going to get up there now" Incy began to weep silently to himself, his shame pouring out in the form of crystal droplets .... Then suddenly, as if by magic "POOF" a fairy appeared!
"Hello Incy" said a short stumpy creature emerging from blue smoke. "I am Letika, your fairy godmother. Now how may I help you, my...umm...hairy little friend" Letika smiled sweetly to cover up her revulsion of the eight legged thing in front of her. Thankfully Incy wasn't too insulted, he had grown up as a spider in a human's world so creeping people out was the least of his concerns.
"I need to get up that, but it is so big." Incy sniffled.
"Well I don't think that is going to be a problem." Said the now gleaming Letika.
Suddenly Incy was capped in blue sparks. Once they had died down Incy turned round to find a Duracell powered jet pack strapped firmly to his back.
In a matter of seconds Incy had ascended on to the top of the pipe to find four Sparrows guarding Princess Black Widow, but no matter. After a few kung fu panda style moves Incy had all four sparrows compressed into the rain gutter.
He then released the jet pack and scampered up to the princess and caressed her in his spider arms. Suddenly the tension of the day slipped away and Incy Wincy and Princess Black widow were left alone on the rooftop under a starlit sky. Incy gazed into her eight eyes all of which reflected the moonlight above. He inhaled. He then went in, shut his eyes and puckered his shaggy lips... and then... he... was eaten alive by his one true love, under the many glistening stars.


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