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3 Eggs and their friendship

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, A story about 3 eggs and their friendship, with life and after life.

“Just two more hours” Egg1 said to Egg2 and Egg3.

“Yes, I am going to miss you both” Egg3 said looking at them and then they all looked at the empty cups in the egg tray.

“3 days ago we were all here, now…” Egg1 says and started crying without finishing his sentence.

“Don’t worry, we all were born for these humans and we have to serve them” Egg2 says and asked Egg1 to stop crying.

“And what about egg5” Egg3 said.

“He didn’t understand his duty and decided to commit suicide. So that morning he jumped from that man’s hand” Egg2 said and told both other eggs about their duty to serve the humans.

Two hours passed in all this conversation and the door of the refrigerator opened, a hand grabbed the egg tray and put down on the kitchen counter.

“It was nice meeting you guys” Egg 1 says and next second he was grabbed by the man in the kitchen and got killed. His smashed dead body was in the big transparent glass bowl and both Egg2 and Egg3 saw him and cried.

“Bye Mate!” Egg2 said as now it was his turn to serve this man. He got picked up by the man and got killed right in front of Egg3’s eyes.

“I don’t want to live without you guys. I can’t spend a day without you in this tray, Please God! Do something” Egg3 said and God heard him.

“Hey man, what’s up” a man said entering in the kitchen.

“Hey! Would you like to have omelet” The first man said and Egg3 waited for the answer of the other man.

“Yes sure” The other man said and a smile appeared on Egg3’s face.

The first man picked the Egg3 from the tray and Egg3 accepted his death but he was happy that he died with his friends.

-----Friendship is always there with life and after life.-----


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