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The Little Puppy

By: hotstory4you

Page 1, Story of a little girl and a little puppy, The puppy got died in a snow fall...READ TO KNOW ALL

Unknown Puppy

In the middle of winter, it’s a Saturday morning, 5 am.

Candy (nick name), a 9 year old girl was sitting at the window looking outside from her bedroom. It’s still quite dark and fogy outside but candy wasn’t looking at the strangers walking in the street out side or the lamp post or something. She was looking at a little puppy who was lying on the ground next to a letter box. The puppy was shivering by cold and he couldn’t do anything about this.

He couldn’t ask anybody for a blanket or just light some fire next to him, Candy felt so bad for that puppy, she knew this puppy from past a month when she was playing with a ball in the garden of her house and accidently she threw the ball in the street and that puppy caught it and started playing with it. Candy felt it so cute seeing a little puppy playing with the ball.

Candy’s mom entered in the room and saw Candy sitting at the window and looking outside, “Good morning! Honey” her mom said and called her for breakfast as they had to leave for a party at a friend’s house.

“Mom! Can we let that puppy to stay in our house?” Candy said pointing her finger to the puppy outside the window. “No honey we can’t let a street puppy to stay in our house” her mom said and held her hand “now lets have the breakfast” her mom said and candy replied in a sweet pleading voice “Please! mom”

“No, means No, now don’t argue and come with me” Her mom said and she had to leave for the breakfast.

Candy and her parents left the house to attend the afternoon Party but from the window of the car candy was just looking at the puppy and wanted to help him, all the way and at the party candy was just thinking about that puppy and the snow fall which was not a good sign for the puppy at all.

By the evening Candy and her parents returned to the house but there were few peoples in front of her house gathered in a circle. Candy’s dad parked the car and enquired about the crowd, some one told that a little puppy had died because of snow fall. Candy also heard that and she started crying.

Her Mom tried to stop her from crying but Candy wasn’t listening to anybody, Candy said to her mom that it’s all her fault she was the one who didn’t allow that puppy to stay in their big house. Candy’s mom realized her mistake but now it was too late, she had lost a little love and respect in Candy’s heart.

Candy went inside the house with tears in her eyes…


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