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A lonely girl makes friends. Can you guess what Skita whispered to Ruta?

Submitted:Oct 19, 2013    Reads: 68    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

The girl's black hair hid her face. She was standing alone in a corner of a yard full of kids. Her first day of lessons was going just like all the other ones. Another girl with brown hair was watching her closely. The brown haired girl then walked over to a small group of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl. She talked to them for a little bit, glancing at the girl dressed in black every once in a while. She nodded her leave of the group and slowly made her way to the girl in the shadows.

The brown haired girl dodged a ball flying at her head and glanced behind her to see her 4 friends urging her to go on. The black haired girl finally noticed the girl getting nearer to her. She froze as the other girl spoke quietly, now right next to her, not looking at her, "Hello. My name is Skita." Skita thought she heard the girl say something like, "Hi..i.." It was so weak and silent. Skita wondered if this girl was actually more then she looked. Then the shy girl continued, "You… you are…you said hello to…me." Skita turned her head to look at the girl. The girl had turned slightly and their eyes met. Light brown eyes met dark, gray eyes. Skita smiled and said, "Yes, of course! Umm… is that okay…?" The black clad girl looked down again, "I… think so." The girl seemed rather dreary. Skita wanted to cheer her up, or even make a new friend, "I, I mean, my friends and I were wondering if you wanted to join us." The girl hesitated, "I… I don't know… if I should…" Then, Skita leaned over and cupped her hands over the girls hair covered ear. She whispered into it softly and the black haired girl's white skin blushed and her thin lips curled slightly into a smile.

Skita waited a second. The dark haired girl slowly nodded her head. Then, Skita grabbed the girl's pocketed hand and gently pulled her towards the small group of friends. As they drew closed, the dark girl grew shyer. She tried to hide herself behind her long bangs and blushed even more. Skita pushed her forward. The shy girl had nothing to do but look at the 4 other kids that all looked her age. They were all smiling at her, not in the mocking sort of way but the welcoming one. The tallest boy with blonde hair stepped forward and said, "Hi, my name is Rren," he pointed to the short, brown haired kid next to him and said, "This is my brother, Jak." The girl standing next to Jak had dark red hair and she introduced herself, " I am Tari." The last boy with black hair nodded and said, "Trep." Skita finally stood up and said, "I forgot to ask you your name. What is your name?" The dark haired girl said, "You can call me Ruta."


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