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The Day Tommy Walked To School

By: JanekaSmith

Page 1, This is about little Tommy. It\'s his first day walking to school because his mother had to leave extra early for work and he couldn\'t go to school at 5 in the morning.

Tommy's mother explained to Tommy why he couldn't go with her because the school yard would be completely empty and anything could go wrong at 5' a.m. Tommy's mother left him alone and told him that he could leave at 7:30 so Tommy got dressed and waited for the clock to struck 7:30.

Tommy couldn't take his eyes of of the arms of the clock. He was glad that he was walking because it made him feel cooler and older. When the clock struck 7:30 Tommy left his home, locked the door, and put his key in his back pocket. Tommy then started to walk, his school was a few blocks away so he just took his time and acted cool.

He walked passed a park where a group of boys stood with cigarettes in their hands. Tommy just gazed as the boys eyes locked on his. Tommy was scared, he thought to himself that they might beat him up for being a witness. All of a sudden the boys chased Tommy, but Tommy was to fast of a runner. He ran to school safely.

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