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(Excerpt) Alphabet Man stopped and looked at the lonely Q. “Ah, there you are, little

one. I thought I’d find you still here. Now come with me quickly to the Enchanted

Midnight Forest. “We must find the lost alphabets before their letters forget how to

spell the words in the stories they gave life to. And all the world’s stories disappear

forever, never to be told again.

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Not long ago a Thief sneaked into all the libraries of the world and stole each

letter of all he alphabets in every language from every book ever written. Except for the

very last library. There one little Q managed to hide out of sight under an old desk.

Days passed, then weeks, and for a long time he lived by himself on a dusty bottom

shelf of a bookcase surrounded by the haunted white ghosts of blank paged books.

"Whatever became of them all?" he often wondered to himself, for he missed

his alphabet family terribly much. Especially his old pal the U with whom he had shared

so many wonderful adventures. But they were all gone now, and he remained alone for

what seemed to him a thousand eternities.

Then one soft summer evening he heard a strange clitter-clattering on the library's

tile roof above. "Whoop!" Someone made a whooping sound. "Whish!" Someone

swooped down though the skylight. Whump! Someone landed kerplunk! with a thump

amid the shattered glass scattering on the cracked marble floor below.

"Whoop! Whoop! The invader repeated brushing himself off and shuffling

through the debris.

"What whoop?" asked the curious Q peeking warily around the corner of his tiny

bookshelf bed. "Who the whoop are you?"

"Whoop! To the rescue

And I'm fast, yes I am.

I'm the world's best letter getter

So better get all I can.

Whoopity! See? It's me,

I am Alphabet Man!"

The stranger was dressed in a pale blue satin jumpsuit with a bold silver sequined

lightning bolt and the initials A and M emblazoned across the chest. Behind him he

trailed a long red velvet cape lined in faux fur and trimmed with golden tassels.

Alphabet Man stopped and looked at the lonely Q. "Ah, there you are, little

one. I thought I'd find you still here. Now come with me quickly to the Enchanted

Midnight Forest. "We must find the lost alphabets before their letters forget how to

spell the words in the stories they gave life to. And all the world's stories disappear

forever, never to be told again.

Alphabet Man gently lifted up the orphaned Q and held him carefully in the

palm of his hand. "Will you come with me, then? he pleaded. Now. Before it is

too late.

"Yes," answered the Q. "I will."

So swish! With a dramatic swoosh of his marvelous cape sweeping clouds of

dust off the musty floor. Alphabet Man tucked the lonely Q safely inside his warm

cape pocket and together they swooped whooping out of the empty library up through

the yawning skylight into the darkening summer night to save the alphabets.

Meanwhile, in his ramshackle cottage hidden deep in the Enchanted Midnight

Forest, the sleazy Thief who had done the dirty deeds spilled out his stolen alphabet

hostages on to the filthy floor.

"Ha! Now at last my fame is assured, "he boasted to the cringing letters. For

with you I shall write the greatest story in the world. Because it will be the only

story in the world that is left!"

Then he grabbed a tattered tablet and with a grubby pencil stub began to write.

pencil stub began to write. "Now, let me think," thought the Thief. "What would be an

absolutely best splendid line first line for a story so modest and talented a writer as


Suddenly he stopped. "The Q is missing!" he bellowed into the uncaring night.

And his hideous raging screams echoed throughout the Enchanted Midnight Forest as

he stormed about searching everywhere for the lost letter. But the Q, of course, was

nowhere to be found. Finally the frustrated Thief snapped his pencil in two and sent

the blank tablet flying out a broken window.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh! Whatever shall I do, do, do without my Q, Q, Q?" he whined,

for he had hungered so long to be famous. "SSSsss!" he hisssed. It must still be at

that lassst library.

So with an anguished heart too heavy to ever be broken, he scooped up the rest

of the helpless letters with their consonants yowling and vowels shrilling syllables,

tossed them into his ratty old knapsack, threw them in a cobwebbed corner, then

stomped out screaming back at them all. "It'll be alphabet soup for the rest of you if I

don't find that rascal, the Q!"

Now, before this commotion had first started, the U, who had seen a chance to

find his old pal the Q had quietly climbed up inside the ragged cuff of the Thief's baggy

trousers and hid. There he'd ridden unseen as the Thief fled back again through the

Enchanted Midnight Forest to the last library in search of the missing letter.

At the same time, Alphabet Man was flying the skies above searching with eagle

eyes and elephant ears for the kidnapped alphabets below. Over farms, towns and cities

He flew. Across rivers, lakes and oceans he soared. But even from his special vantage

point in the sky he still could find no clue as to where they had been taken.

"Don't you worry my brave little Q." he said to his tiny pocket passenger.

"No problem-o. We'll simply out-thief that Thief in a thief-ier deed," resolved

Alphabet Man. "And I've never failed a mission yet," he boasted. "So now we

must sally forth, fly on, push bravely forward and persevere!" he ranted with

great bravado. "Never ever give up!" he raved. "Never!"

A muffled little sigh escaped from inside his cape pocket.

Just then those screeching Thief screams echoed up from the Enchanted

Midnight Forest which was now just below them. "Whoop! It's him!" screamed

Alphabet Man abruptly shifting his flight pattern to track the familiar figure skulking

back toward the last library.

"Whoop, whoopity whoop!" He swooshed triumphantly nose-diving straight

down. Ker-thud! He tumbled safely in a triple summersault swoop-loop onto the

ground, the sudden force of his landing knocking the poor little Q out of Alphabet Man's

cape pocket to send him rolling curly tail over round body to land smack dab at the feet

of the startled Thief.

"Is that really you, my old pal the Q?" asked the U hopping out of the traveling

trouser cuff and running to him.

'It is indeed," rejoiced the Q who was lonely no longer. "I thought I would never

see you again, U."

"Aha!" menaced the Thief darkly and interrupting their joyful reunion.

There you are, my nasssty little renegades." The two startled letters stared up at the

ominously towering Thief leering menacingly down upon them.

"Ooops!" whispered the U.

"Whoops!" shouted the Q.

"Ooops! Whoops!" responded Alphabet Man turning "You called?" And he

quickly snitch-snatched up the last two letters out of the Thief's reach loudly bellowing

his victory song.

"Whoop! To the rescue

And I'm fast, yes I am.

I'm the world's best letter getter

So I better get all I can.

Whoopity! See it's me

I am Alphabet Man."

Then he turned angrily to face the stunned Thief. "Bad thief!" he scolded.

Bad, bad Thief! Shame on you. Now release the rest of the alphabets you have stashed

away at once!" he demanded.

"SSSsss, certainly," hissed the cowering Thief who suddenly saw a way out.

"But only after they give me a story of my very own to write. One that the whole world

will remember me by forever."

"Poor old fellow. I wish I could fix it," confided the Q to Alphabet Man who

understood and wished he would.

"You can," replied Alphabet Man who had hoped he would want to.

"How?" wondered the Q.

"Well," suggested Alphabet Man flinging his great red velvet cape dramatically

behind him for one last lift-off. "Just give him a story of his very own to tell. Everyone

needs one." And off he flew whooping through the grand dawning sky of a brand new


"Yes, I will!" the excited Q yelled after him. "But which story shall it be?"

"This one!" Alphabet Man shouted back. And then he was gone.












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