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A disease that's spreading through all the kindergartens throughout the world...COOTIES!

Submitted:Aug 8, 2011    Reads: 177    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

In Kindergartens across the world, children have been ravashed by a deadly disease. A disease that cannot be prevented. A disease that adults wont admit is there. So it is up to the children, those who believe and are unaffecteed, to stop this spread of disease. This disease called Cooties.

A five year old named Tod went to his first day of Kindergarten. Instantly he made freinds, both guys and girls. He has yet to be informed, however, about the deadly Cootie Virus, first spread by girls. By the time recess came, he had several close encounters.

During recess he joined his newly found friends. One of the girls suggested that they play tag. Everyone agreed, even the boys.

Right when they started playing, a boy grabbed Tom and pulled him underneath the slide.

"What do you think your doing?" the boy exclaimed.

"What?" Tom asked, confused.

"Why did you agree to play tag?" the boy asked.

"It's just tag," Tom said, his eyebrow raised.

"It's not just tag. Its a way to infect you!" the boy exclaimed.

"Infect me with what?" Tom asked.

"Cooties," the boy said with a serious look on his face.

Tom stared at the boy intently. "How do you get it?" Tom asked.

"Them girls. If one of them touches you, you get it," the boy said.

"What about the boys who agreed to play tag?" Tom asked.

"They already have it," the boy said.

"How can you tell?" Tom asked.

"I made these," the boy said, holding up a pair of glasses. The frame of the glasses were made out of cardboard. The lenses were just clear tape that had been colored with a pink marker. "They can see everyone who's infected. They look pink when you look through the glasses. I didn't have to use them for you because you're new and you won't have it yet," the boy said.

Tom put on the glasses and looked out onto the playground. Everyone that he looked at looked pink.

"They're all infected," Tom said.

"Yes, I am the only one left. But since you're here we can work together," the boy said.

"Tom can you come here please?' the teacher called.

Tom looked at the teacher and then back at the boy.

"Be careful and don't get touched," the boy said.

Tom nodded and crawled out from beneath the slide. As soon as he stood up a hand was on his back.

"Tag, you're it!" came a girls voice from behind Tom.

Tom turned around and screamed. He ran through the courtyard, headed for his house.

The boy looked at Tom as he ran through the school with his glasses. Tom looked pink, just like everyone else.


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