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The Monkey and the Giraffe

Short story By: LunaticLullaby
Childrens stories

A fable that implies the importance of honesty, about a monkey who wanted to play chess.

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The long tailed monkey tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the giraffe to make his next move. They were playing an intense game of chess, or at least giraffe, was, but monkey never thought to plan, he simply moved the peices where he wished, and this had caused him to lose the last four games. Finally giraffe made his move and declared "Checkmate." The game was over, giraffe had won once again. Monkey smacked his peices to the dusty ground, outraged by his loss. Moneky swung through the trees, stopping only when he heard the small voice of his friend the ant. Monkey leaned in closely as the ant asked what the problem was. Monkey explained in a flurry of violent and erratic hand gesters that he had lost yet another game of chess to their lanky friend the giraffe. Ant nodded in understanding and proposed an offer monkey simply could not refuse.
Monkey dragged his tail shamefully as he approached giraffe, trying his hardest to appear apologetic. After saying he was sorry monkey invited himself to another round of chess, this time following the advice whispered in his ear by the ant. He moved his knights forward boldly and retreaeted his queen knowingly, at last he exclaimed to giraffe, for the very first time "Check!" Giraffe survayed the board and moved his king from harm, suspisious of monkey's sudden knowledge. When giraffe questioned his furry friends sudden wisdom, monkey began to stutter with nerves and shake with guilt, without a sufficient lie, he spilled the truth of his small teacher in his ear. Giraffe nodded sagely and then calmly stated that if monkey did not now how to play the game, he could easily have taught him, but now that he has cheated with the help of such a small friend, how is he ever to trust him again? Giraffe packed his chess board and left monkey without a goodbye, just his feeling of remorse.


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