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The Princess and The Frog

Short story By: MarC
Childrens stories

This isn't a fairytale spoof. This is a story about how an odd bond formed between a girl and a frog.

Submitted:Mar 30, 2011    Reads: 3,098    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

NOTE: I'm new to writing so constructive criticisms are highly appreciated. Thank you.

"Eeek!!" a terrified shriek reverberates across the living room. "What's that slimy frog doing in here?!" a girl, in her early teens, points a finger towards a naïve amphibian sitting on the marble floor.

The frog was green in colour, with a tint of lime on its legs and a patch of yellow on its back. It idly sits on the marble floor, unaware of its shocking presence to the unsuspecting family. The little frog stretches its hind legs and manages a hop, making the girl jump from where she was standing at and onto a chair.

"Daddddd. Take it outside. Please!" the girl pleads.

The father then picks up the frog and holds it towards the girl. "There's nothing to be afraid of, see? A small frog like this…"

"Eww! Get it away from me!"

The father shrugs his shoulders and paces towards the door. He puts the little frog down on the marble floor and brushes it outside using his feet.

The girl heaves a huge sigh of relief. The danger had passed. She jumps from the seat she was standing on and goes back to watching T.V.


The light in the kitchen flickers on, as the girl flips the switch to get a glass of water. It was already 1:30 in the morning and regardless of the fact that it was summer, she had to sleep sometime. Humming along to the song which had earlier been stuck in her head, she casually walks towards her room when she feels something soft under her feet. She looks down and is shocked by the sight of green little frog with a yellow patch on its back.


The girl immediately rushes, with as much urgency as possible, towards the bathroom - a "tainted" feet up in the air. She scrubs with all her might, soaping every nook and cranny and almost empties a bottle of alcohol for good measure. Once finished, she examines her newly cleaned feet and smiles at her work. Immediately, she puts on a pair of fluffy slippers and grumbles, "That's the last time I don't wear slippers…."

Concerned over the state of the frog she assumed she had massacred, the girl goes back to the scene of the crime and sees the green frog merely sitting there. Unsure of whether it was dead or not, the girl just flips the switch of the living room and goes back to her room - pondering over the possible ways the frog could have entered before drifting to sleep.


A few evenings later, during the wee hours of the night, the girl was immersing herself in a marathon of Friends (she was at the episode wherein Rachel and Ross were arguing over whether the latter had cheated or not) and out of the corner of the girl's eye, she noticed a little slimy green thing with a patch of yellow on its back hoping. She cranes her neck to look at the frog sitting beside her and she says, "So, you're still alive."

The frog merely sits there unmoving, uncroaking.

"Hm..." the girl manages, flipping the switch on the remote control as she surfed to check the channels.


The next evening, in the very same wee hours of the night, the girl was enjoying a game of tennis on her Wii, when she immediately noticed the green little frog sitting on its usual spot on the marble floor. Smirking, the girl asks the frog, "You just suddenly pop up, don't you?"

The green frog with a tint of lime green on its legs and a yellow patch on its back sits, motionless on the marble floor.

"Well, Wii is a very dangerous console so you better step back. You wouldn't wanna get stepped on again like last time!" the girl chuckled.

Unmoving, the frog continues sits on its favoured spot on that marble floor. As the girl continued on her Wii game.


In the following nights or so, it had always been the routine. The girl, while doing something utterly unnecessary during the wee hours of the night, would be greeted by the presence of a green frog with a yellow patch on its back. The girl had grown fond of the frog, although still very much disgusted; but she did promote it from a disgusting slime ball to a green slime ball - which to the girl was already a huge promotion.

And up until now the green frog never croaked and never made its presence known. It merely appeared whenever it wanted to and sat on its usual spot on the marble floor. Whereas the girl never got over her disgust, but still managed to greet the frog with the yellow patch on its back with a cheerful hello.


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