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On Christmas Eve night, Santa visited a young boys house-- the young boy had climbed onto the roof and saw his 8 reindeer.

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"Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer, and Vixen!
"On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen!"

A cheery, low-pitched voice shouted as bells rung, a high-pitched tone every second with a catchy rhythm. This woke me from my deep slumber- one word popped into my head planting itself firmly

"It's Santa Claus!"

Slithering out of my bed, and creaking down the hall-way- a minute later something slammed on the roof causing the house the shake a small bit. I saw the chimney widen, the fire fading as it did and somebody appeared magically in a dark-red coat with glimmering white-fur. I couldn't see well, and I didn't want to scare him off from giving me my presents so I settled for less, and decided


I walked back into my room, and carefully avoiding the areas that forced the floor to creek and walked to my window, and opened it-it had not been opened in so long it was almost budged shut. I manage, but nearly flew back onto my butt in the process; the second it opened a gust of freezing-cold wind engulfed me whole.


I leapt onto a tree, and caught it luckily and grasped the edge of the roof pulling myself up with a lot of trouble and I heard a high-pitched whiney. I shot my head to the right, and 8 reindeer stood. I could see their breath, which they quietly drew in the cold air; they had to be 5x my size! My mouth dropped open, locked in the position I walked towards them. They started to get uncomfortable-obviously, I walked to the one leading and remembered the stories I've read before about his reindeer but somebody is missing…

"Where is Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer? Oh well!"

I giggled and walked to one, and placed my finger-tips on top of its snout- it fur was a light chestnut brown, it's nose a light black with spots of pink here and there. As you went down its legs and arms, the fur got lighter turning into a white, then switching back to black for its hooves. It almost seemed as it had a second layer of fur, with all the snow covering him. It mane, going down its check then to its stomach was furry, and looked like it could warm you all night. Its eyes reflected back my emotions-a dark black with no pupils. I gazed in amazement and awe and rubbed the reign of bells wrapped around its neck serving as a collar- and walked past it gliding my hand along its back-fur. Behind it, an exact replica of the one before, but more…scared? I tried to pet it-to calm it down but in shock and fright it planted its buck teeth on my wrist. I fell back in tears, as the pain swelled up inside of me, and began to cry like the small child I was.


I cried out, and within a minute Santa popped up from the chimney and walked over to me clicking his tongue to calm to reindeer and shaking his head at me.

"Shouldn't children be in their beds at this time of night?"

His voice cheery and smoothing it calmed me down. I glared at the gaping bite-mark on my arm, and he saw it and gave me a 'yikes' look.

"Well, we've got a problem now don't we?"

His expression didn't change back to the 'yikes' look he gave me, I probably caught him by surprise. He walked over to his sleigh, and began rummaging through the bags.

Within a second, me gums begin to itch and burn, I felt my teeth enlarge to those of a …a...a… Reindeer? And my nose began to stretch out into my view, turning into a brown and furry snout and I began to warm as fur sprouted out of my skin. I licked my teeth, with the tip of my tongue-and began to grow every feature of a reindeer quickly. Santa Claus laughed cheerfully, his best quality, as he pulled out a bottle of green and red liquid, it looked absolutely disgusting. He brought it over, and began to speak to me, in a language I didn't not recognize, this angered me I stomped my hooves knocking snow off the roof. I looked at the other 8 reindeer, and the one who bit me looked and said very upset

"I'm sorry I bit yo-yo- a…ac-achoo!…I'm sorry I bit you, I was very scared"

he said stammering, and sneezing in the middle of that sentence-he flew back as he did and shook his body around and went back into position. I looked at Santa and he poured the bottle all over my fur-coat, I hated it. It made this-this--…What would I call it…Fur, yeah, fur. It would make my fur drag down making it harder to walk because of the weight. But within a second I resorted back to being the little boy I was all of 5 minutes ago, suddenly everything went black. I woke up hours later back in my bed, deciding whether or not it was a dream. I looked at the digital clock on my stand, and in front of it, laid a silver glistening and shiny bell. I picked it up, and on it had the name "Dasher" I smiled-and held it close to me. Santa Claus was real! I knew it! He is real…


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