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Short story By: mongoe charles
Childrens stories

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a story of a tallest man who fear God,who became well respect and find friendship on a little kids

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long time ago,there was a Big man,he was also a tallest man on earth and abnormal.during that time people were use to fight and when other win,they take all that belong to the place and its people,then Big man was not growed to get a proper training because of his body and no one to face him the way he was.his family teach him about God who created all thing and how much he love all people,the were no single left, nothing that he did not know about God

so Big man love God and fear him and on his mind try to live in respect to God of Heaven and earth and followed his commandment,then came a time where he was challenged,the war started and all man of his Province were call including him even thou he was not well known by people of the place and others were even force to go and fight for the place

this Big man was selected,he was not by age qualify to fight in the war but his shape was more qualify than all worries,his family wheere living in a small place surrounded by mountain.he was left to live there on the mountain by his family at a young age ,because of his body that grow abnormal,so the family fear for the space to live with him could not be enough for both of them.they left him at the age of twelve and come by visiting him and give food.

the big man was sleeping in the mountain cave because he could not fit on the normal room.the only people knows about him were the king of the province and relatives,as well as his family.so the war was already started and massege was send to big man to fight for the place he live in but he was not willing to go and fight.

even himselve understanding that no one could face him to fight with him is a suicite,and his body there were no weapon againest him should prosper to kill him,he was too supreme over human.so they did keep fighting without the big man.his parents were killed and province was failing over those who fight them

them someone from relatives remembered him and run to the mountain and telling him that his parents were killed.he did not believe till passed the day were they use to come visit him and the noise of cry were so closed to him.at that point people were coming from every corner of the mountain towards him in the mountain to find safe there and the war was coming to him

then he stand up for the first time in his life,just with that stand the earth were shaking and many people that were runig close to the mountain were shocked by fear.with the tallest he was every one could see him and the big man can also see far from were he was standing. and those who were chansing people on the province started firing the big man and he did not fight back and they realized that they will never win over him..the war did stop like that

people started to celebrate and honour him to be a king and many left their home to come and live close to him for safety reason..one little boy became more interest on the man that want and visit Big man on the cave.the boy ask a question"who are you?"Big man did not respond.the boy feather ask;"are you a king of the world?" the boy want home and next day come and play there at the cave and this time the Big man decided to speak.he ask the little kids to come closer towards his ear and sit on the shoulder.so the big man started sharing a story about the GOD of heavens,everything that his parents told him at his early stage share with the boy..He said ' young man there is a God who created all things,who created man and you and all animals,he hold everythings,he knows even what you are thinking off right now.and his kingdom reigh forever and he created every thing by love'

the boy was listening careful because he wanted to know so much about the Big man,the boy ask"where is this God,is this God your father?'big man "He is our father and he is always with us'one day i want to met this God,i like to tell him how much i love him and that i'm grateful for all his done.said the boy,every day visit the man and share and in that way they became a close friend.

that place became a peaceful place many people came and live with big man as they king for ever and he treat everyone kind and respect so many heard about him came and offered present and wanted to make friendship with him

Big man was tall to a point that people were small than his last finger

the end

written by charles mongoe


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