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by mongoe charles

children's story

brothers for life,a friend of man,master can learn also on his student.

not all people believe that dog,can see or heard what human can see a super natural think and that also proved they mind to be able to study what is on a human's mind to see within your imagination,and by proper trying dog can do almost what man can do.

as technolog grow,every one have access in the use of it.that did not change the friendship between man and dog and has made it even more stronger.

one day a kids was born,just as we are born one day,they were living in the city,the boy grow without a real father that he can see every day,its only a story for him that there is a father in life,mother was the only one person that he sees.that happen to many baby born in city,with many famous and rich people,other end up being street kids when life goes on,because they normal don't know where they come from,they family history and great parents or relatives,they just think they are alone in this world.

the boy's name was James;just like James who have only her mother,it happen to many kids,other who are born in the vistim of rape and other activities.James spend time with the dog and mother at home and other friends,it was the family of three,mother,dog and James,this family living in the heart of the city at diagonal street in Johannesburg.

James's dog was well train to be able to live in the busy life of Jozi,it can answered telephone,and make a call,go to market and post office,this was one of dogs from police to help in time of crime,it was able to catch a criminal and even protect his master,it was able to use television remote and cupture all story seen on the television.

when James was seven,her mother die,as since the birth of James she was sick and not able to do all things by her self,so it was all thankns to the dog and a lady who do house work.at school,James was help with the dog and even to cross the road

when the mother dead,it was her and dog,when this dog saw this it ren to school call James ,you know the language of dogs but young James also understand the meaning,when James arrieved home,what call a young boy do,so he call her mother there beside the bed but her mother did not respond it want on and James ended crying because he was confused,her mother was alread passed away but he did not know,so he thought may be she is sleeping,while James caring the dog take action.

the dog pick up the telephone and dial usual police number,since they know this kind of call and its meanig,they traced the call to know the place.they want there and find the boy beside the her mother crying,those man removed the boy they realized she was dead,they move the body out,and take the boy and his dog to a save place,

the boy know no ancles,relatives,he was taken to child care,for social workers to find a person who knows James,it was the orphan place,James and the dog was there and life was not easy,close freindship of James and his dog was even more stronger,everywhere,playing yard,market,school at class they where to together

one day,as kids do fight start against James but with the help of his dog,they win,when criminal try to come close to him,he was with a life saver,police dog,with that many kids like him because was safe,it want that way till he get high school,as the dog was able to reach in one's mind,so he was protected

the dog die as like many things,every thing has its end,even man dies so does dogs,that hurted James more than the death of her mother,seeing all they want through,fearing how to face life alone,the dog was a dig brother to him

James must face life without the dog


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