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Comedy Action FIght: Zero is Hero

Short story By: nid
Childrens stories

1 short boy versus the crowd…

I have attempted write a different type of a story which is in fact very different from short children stories you have read. The story starts off well like an ordinary story but in the middle takes a very different turn which gives rise to a cinematic type of a fight sequence…There are no connections between few points and the plot. Read the story to find out..

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There was once a short boy who learnt to whistle. He learnt it from his friend, a stout rowdy boy who carried a whistle to his class. "A hero always whistles", the rowdy boy had told him, "And whistling is only the cheapest and the easiest way to attract the neighborhood girls". The short boy happily learnt the trick from the rowdy boy and immediately started to whistle. On his way home he purchased an expensive whistle from the shop and walked home, whistling loud on the road.


When he reached home he showed the whistle to his granny and whistled loud to her ears making her half-deaf. "Stop it! I will go deaf" his granny cried and granny scolded him telling him that only loafers whistle and not heroes. Angry at his granny's remark the short boy took his cycle and went for a ride in the street and this time he blew his whistle hard till he saw three tall girls and one short girl walking down the road. He kept looking at them and they turned back to see him. And this moment, the boy's eyes were focused on only the girls and he had accidentally failed to see what was ahead. The boy bumped into a fat policeman and fell down on the street, holding the expensive whistle in his mouth. The policeman immediately caught the short boy. "Can't you look where you are going?" he spoke angrily holding the short boy's shirt.


"And what is that whistle in your mouth? Huh?". The boy became very afraid and he started to stammer. "Sir-uh-". The policeman snatched the whistle from the boy's mouth and slapped the boy and walked on. The short boy took his fallen cycle from the floor and saw the girls laughing at him. No one in the crowd also had bothered to help him. The short boy looked at the sky and remembered his friend-the stout boy's words.

"A hero always whisles".

Yes, the boy thought. He was a hero, he thought again. Whom should he fear???


The short boy lifted his cycle and turned back at the fat policeman who was walking behind him.


He went near the policeman and threw the cycle on his head. The policeman cried in pain and turned back to hit the boy. The boy did a somersault jump at the policeman and sat on his head and pulled his moustache and the expensive whistle, which was in the policeman's mouth fell down. The boy pulled the policeman's hair and rushed to pick the whistle. At this time a crowd came in and tried to stop the boy. The traffic was blocked to road end.


The boy took his whistle and climbed down the policeman's shoulder and ran to his bicycle. Few of the people tried to stop him this time. An auto driver climbed out from the auto and shouted at the people.


The boy took his cycle again and leaped it in the air and it fell on 3 people as they fell down in the sand. The policeman leaped at the boy and the boy crouched down and the policeman losing his balance fell down in the gutter of muddy water, at the end of the road. 2 tall men this time sprang at him. The short boy ducked again and the 2 men also fell down the gutter in the same direction, the policeman had fallen. An old grandma who was selling apples in a basket came running to the boy to see if he was hurt. In an instant the boy took the basket of apples from the grandma and threw at the incoming crowd of 10 people. The girls were also seeing this fight standing at a distance and they looked startled. One apple hit the top of the head of a bald man and he fell to the mud.


One apple hit the auto driver's auto glass and the glass looked to shatter. One apple was thrown at such a force that it bounced back from a building wall, breaking the apple in three pieces, falling on the security guard of the building, who obviously failed to duck. The boy spat on the crowd and took his fallen cycle and sat on it and lifted the front tire up for a second and pedaled hard in the opposite direction, beating the crowd of people. The vehicles started to move, as the people thought that the fight was over. Few people helped the people who had fallen down and called for an ambulance. The policeman and the tall men were unconscious in the gutter. The other people were recovering from the fight when the short boy came back again swiftly in the cycle and came near the girls. "Want to ride with a hero?" he asked the short girl of his height, who had just closed her mouth in excitement. He knew that she had also laughed at him before the fight." Why not?" she said and sat on the back holding the short's shoulder. The boy whistled a final long whistle and looked at the crowd with a boo face and blasted out of the road in his cycle, disappearing from view…



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