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Henry's First Adventure

Short story By: nid
Childrens stories

In this funny adventure, Henry encounters a small trouble of a trespasser who has invaded his property--"His cozy warren" and he fights to get his warren back encountering a deadly beast..

Submitted:Apr 13, 2009    Reads: 502    Comments: 23    Likes: 8   

Henry's First Adventure


In this funny adventure, Henry has a small trouble of a trespasser who had invaded his property--"His warren" and he fights to get his warren back encountering a deadly beast..

Once upon a time there lived a bunny named Henry, who lived in a warren far away in a big forest. He had long ears which jerked from side to side and his whiskers were so sharp. He looked like a small baby. He did not do any work other than nibbling carrots and grass and visiting all the places in the forest. Henry had a lot of friends but his best friend was none other than Olive. Olive was a female bunny who lived in the warren next to Henry. The two spent a lot of time together exploring the brook and the mountains. They loved their life and were very much exicted towards life.

One morning, Henry woke up on a cold, bright day yawning and shivering a little. He came out of his burrow and looked at the sky. He could see a bald eagle. He put on his overcoat, which looked a bit dirty. "What a good day for an adventure!" he exclaimed. Suddenly, he felt hungry and disappeared in to get some carrots from the fridge. He was shocked when he found that there was not even one left. "Goodness Gracious me! I forgot that I finished them all last night" he yelled. "I must get some from Olive." He said and went out. In about five minutes he came back with the carrots, only to see a big, stout bunny seated in front of his burrow.

"Hey!" the stout bunny called, "No one is allowed in my property!"

"Your property! This is my house!" shouted Henry.

"No way! Mine now!" the stout rabbit pushed Henry away shouting aloud. Poor Henry! He fell down and hurt his knee. Henry had a long oral chat with that stout bunny, after that. "Trespasser! I will fix you" said Henry, at last and went out with a snort.

Biggly wolf had just finished his daily hunt. And he was unhappy because, he hadn't found a single prey.Wailing,he sat down under a big fir-tree. He could see Henry at a distance walking towards him. Biggly had tried to catch Henry a lot of times but he was too quick. And now he was tired of hunting and catching. He sat down acting as if he was snoring, with a thought that Henry would come near him so that it would become easier to capture him. But Henry called out from a distance. "Mr. Biggly! I need your help!"

Surprised, the Biggly spoke, "Help! A help from a wolf! What would that be?"

"Listen!" Henry shouted," I need your help in chasing a stout bunny out of my warren!"

"Aha!" the wolf spoke with a cunning smile, "And what would I expect in return?"

"You may eat that stupid intruder!" Henry muttered, winking. "I will be there in a short while!" the wolf declared dozing off.

That night the wolf came to Henry's warren and shouted," You there! Come out this instant!"

"Who is it?" the stout bunny yelled from inside the warren. "Give Henry his property!" the wolf yelled again, sniffing at the burrow. The bunny peeped out and was in a state of fear when he saw the wolf. Henry went in the warren and said "Will you give my property back? Or else shall I set the wolf on you?" The stout bunny got the shivers from his spine. His face turned dull. "Please don't do that! Please chase this wolf away! I will give back your house!" he cried trembling. The wolf after hearing this knew that he would get nothing and pounced on both the bunnies, as they came out. But Olive who was hiding behind with a log of fire set fire to the wolf's tail, which sent him fleeing away never to return again. "Excellent!" cried out Henry. Then the stout bunny started to apologize, "Sorry Henry! I was lazy to dig up my own warren! I learned a lesson that I shouldn't intrude in anyone's property again!" They went in and sat at their cute bunny table, drinking carrot juice. Henry and Olive forgave the stout bunny and the trio began to sing the old bunny song, which their mothers had taught them, as if it was a nursery rhyme.

''We are the bunnies from the east!

'We are the bunnies from the east!'

'And we would bravely destroy any wild beast!'

'In a short span of time but not the least!'

'We are the bunnies from the east!'

'Now, we are all ready for a grand feast!''

And thus they became close friends and had many adventures after that!



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