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When the thunder roars

Short story By: nid
Childrens stories

4 kids sit and chat during a thunderstorm! Children will love this!

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When the Thunder Roars-

By Srinidhi.R

Cast of Characters

Max-the strong, tireless teen who isn't scared of thunder

Kate-a coward, but a clever girl who has lots of pimples in her face

Cody- a young, dexterous teen who knows a lot about thunder

Dona- the prettiest woman in the group

(Kate is 16, The rest are all 17)


Time and Place

An old forest bungalow: Cody's house


(The stage opens up, revealing four people seated on the sofa in a shabby room, filled with junk. The room has many pictures of nature on the wall. And the cuckoo clock starts to sing, when there is a loud bang of thunder, and it starts to rain; the deafening storm brings up fear on the faces of the children)



Oh God! Here it goes again! I'll soon turn deaf!


Our whole idea of playing the football game goes bust!


Yeah! You can't expect anyone to play a football game in this storm!


(After a moment)

The weather man made a good call about, when the storm would come.



Oh dear! I forgot to watch the news, today! I had the whole stupid idea of that football match in my mind! Never mind, we are losers now!

(Another heavy thunder strikes! The door creaked open slowly! The curtains get wet)


(With a cry)

Help! The atmosphere's turned spooky this evening! I am getting scared!



Kate, you are such a wimp! There isn't one damn thing to be scared of thunder!


(Gets up and walks to the window)

My dad says thunderclaps are very dangerous! Did you know that in United States, an average of 300 people are injured and 80 people are killed each year by lightening?


(Looks at others)

That's pretty weird! Anyway, do you any of you guys know anything more about thunders?


(Gets up and moves)

Well I know a few things about thunder! I heard most of them from my dad! When a thunder strikes, we should first get into the house and avoid standing near any isolated tree in an open area. Inside, we should shutter all the windows and secure outside doors. Then we'll be safe and sound!


(Looks at the watch)

You seem to know a lot! What else you know about thunders? I'm all ears!


I know an old poem about thunders by Emily Dickinson that I had for my school exam! I had memorized it to the core! It's called "The farthest thunder that I heard". Let me recite it for you,

(Cody Recites)

"The farthest Thunder that I heard

Was nearer than the Sky

And rumbles still,

though torrid Noons

Have lain their missiles by

--The Lightning that preceded it

Struck no one but myself

--But I would not exchange the Bolt

For all the rest of Life

--Indebtedness to Oxygen

The Happy may repay,

But not the obligation

To Electricity --

It founds the Homes and decks

the Days

And every clam

or brights but the gleam concomitant

Of that waylaying Light -

-The Thought is quiet as a Flake -

-A Crash without a Sound,

How Life's reverberation

Its Explanation found --


(Shouts out loud)

Cheers to Cody!


I'll like to read some of her poems after reading this one! They're just stunning!



It seems so guys, that whenever I read one of her poems I get transported to some other world! I forget myself and reality! I am going to be a poet, one day! Keep watching


(With a sigh)

A poet? Come on Cody; don't blow all your brains for poetry! They are so boring! Duh!

(Cody ignores the comment and gets some fresh lemon juice for all. The thunder sounds becomes feeble. Everyone starts to drink)


(With a sip)

Do you guys remember the rhyme "Rain, Rain Go away?"


Aha! We'll never forget that! Gawd! It's getting too cold! I forgot to bring my sweater!


(After drinking the lemon juice)

Yummy! I love lemon juice!


They're okay! You know, my mom makes the best cocktail, in the neighborhood!


She does? Cool!


Cocktail's all good, when it's raining, but certainly not during thunderstorms! I get hiccups, then! Jeez!


Oh man! It's already six! It will get dark soon! I am tired of sitting in this sofa! Won't God show us some mercy? When are we gonna play?


Do any of you guys agree to play game of dice?


Can we play snake and ladder? That's my favorite game!


Sure! All ready to play!

(The four took the board game and started to play. The game went on for half an hour. Max won the game coming first and Dona came second.)


This game was cooler than I thought! I bet it's better than playing football outside sweating all over or getting drenched!


(With a naughty smile)

I do think you're right, your highness!



I guess, Ronaldo would have forgotten football if he had played snake and ladder! HA!

(After placing the board in the cupboard, the children watch TV for some time)


(Laughing at Scooby)

I just love to watch Scooby doo! Look---He's so funny!


(After a brief pause)

Shaggy's much better than Scooby!


I stopped watching cartoons long ago.

(After 20 minutes)


(Looks out the window)

Wow! It stopped raining and there are no sign of thunders!


(Speaks with a cry)

Good Riddance Thunderstorms! We can all go out now!


(Switches off TV and opens the door)

I think we have already much more fun together, than playing football in the slippery ground! Let's play indoor games frequently! And with regard to the football match, we'll postpone it! And, Guess what? We just got a blessing in disguise!


And we also learned to fight the rain and the thunderstorms without fear! We also learned a good lot about thunderstorms, cocktails and poems. And we watched our favorite TV show too! We deserve a good applause!


(Turning to Max and Running)

Hey dude! Catch me if you can!


Wait till I get you! You little freak!

(The door closes slowly and they all rush out!)



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