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Short story By: patspoems
Childrens stories

The title says it all

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the Magical Journey

Brothers, Jonathan and Cameron, were seven year old twins. They always tried to be as good as they could, but Mummy was extra pleased with them this week. They had tidied their rooms without being asked, helped with the washing up and even helped fold the washing, and all done without one single grumble. Because of this their Mother said that they could choose what they would like to do that day. The boys didn't have to think twice, as their favourite place was the nearby woods, and they said they would love to take a packed lunch and have a picnic. Their Mother was surprised as she thought they would choose to go to the cinema or to the burger bar, and she was more than willing to take them, she told them, but the boys insisted that they would prefer to go and play in the woods. She told them that they could go on condition that they were home by 5.00pm in time for dinner, and they both said they would. She packed them some sandwiches and some cold drinks and off they went, really excited.1

Jonathan and Cameron just love the woods as there were some lovely big trees that they liked to climb and they could sit in the strong branches and watch the birds and the animals. The boys always shared their bread with the birds and then they would have a contest as to who could name the most different varieties of birds and animals. The woods were usually very quiet and, apart from the occasional dog-walker, they usually had the woods to themselves. Their favourite tree was a giant oak - Grandma had told them it was hundreds of years old. The tree had a big hollow in its mightly trunk and Cameron and Jonathan liked to climb up and sit inside the hollow and look down on the world below.2

As the boys sat eating their sandwiches and enjoying the lovely warm sunshine, they heard voices coming from behind the tree. They got up, very slowly, and crept around the tree to balance on a long branch, where they could see down to the ground. As they looked, they were amazed to see two very small people sitting at a little fold up table on two little fold up chairs. "Wow" said Jonathan "they look like Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter" "that's exactly what I was going to say" whispered Jonathan "just like they stepped out of the story that Dad read to us only yesterday!!!" Suddenly, and without warning, there was a mightly crunch and the branch that the boys were standing on broke off and they landed with a thud on the ground, very close to the little table. Fortunately, they were not too far off the ground before they fell so they did not injure themselves. Both the small people hurried to help them up and introduced themselves as Alice and the Mad Hatter, but said to just call him Hatter. The boys couldn't believe it - how could these fairytale characters be real and here in their woods. Just as though Alice could read their minds, she began to speak. "We are from the Land of Make Believe, she told them, and we have been sent by our Leader the Wizard Onzo to invite you to come for a visit. We know you are Jonathan and Cameron and have been very very good for the whole of the week, as the Wizard can see all boys and girls. He was particulary impressed with you both and felt you deserved a reward". The boys couldn't speak, they couldn't make out if this was for real or if they were dreaming, but they realised that they couldn't both be dreaming the same dream at the same time. "What about getting there?" asked Jonathan "more important than that, what about getting home" said Cameron "also we have to be home for 5.00pm, or we will be in trouble from Mum". Alice assured them that time in the Land of Make Believe was very different from on Earth and they would make sure they got the boys back, well in time for their dinner at 5.00pm. Hatter told them they would travel on their Magic Carpet, which he had in his case. The boys couldn't imagine how this would work but decided they would love to go and would trust Alice and Hatter to get them there. Hatter pulled out the small red carpet and to the boys amazement all four of them got on quite easily. Sit still while I say the magic words said Hatter and with that he called out "Carpet Ascend" and in an instant they were gliding through the air, getting higher and higher. It truly was a magical feeling. The view was magnificent as they passed through clouds that glistened and seemed to be smiling, there were many colourful rainbows that actually had little pots of gold at the end of them and stars looking like big diamonds seemed to dance around them.3

Soon the carpet began to slow down and Hatter quietly instructed "Carpet Descend" and they gently landed in the most magical place the boys could have every imagined, and as they looked around them it was just as though they had stepped into a fairy book. Everyone they saw was someone from a fairy tale. They had landed near a high wall and they suddenly heard a voice say " Hi Jonathan and Cameron, welcome to the Land of Make Believe" the boys looked up and there on top of the wall was Humpty Dumpty. "Come with me" said Alice "you must come to see the Wizard Onzo, he will be very pleased you could come". The boys nervously waited as Alice knocked on the giant door of the Wizard's castle, and as the doors opened, the boys let out a loud gasp, at the same time, as the Wizard stood there and he was just like the wizard in the Harry Potter film that Grandma had taken them to see just a week ago. He had a long flowing robe and white hair and a beard that almost reached down to his waist. He seemed a kindly man with sparkling eyes and he invited the boys to sit down. He told them he was delighted to meet them and how he had watched them over the past week and was very pleased to see how good they had been. He rang a big brass bell and immediately a lovely girl, who looked just like Bo-Peep came in with a big jug of lemonade and poured a glass for each of them. They thanked her and the Wizard and said how grateful they were to have been invited the Land of Make Believe. The Wizard smiled and told them they were very welcome. "How would you like to visit the rest of our land on the back of Dross the Dragon" he asked them. "DRAGON!! wow, yes please" said both boys, once again at the same time. "You really are twins" laughed the Wizard. The Wizard told Alice that he would call her when the boys needed her again. "Have a great time" said Alice "I'll see you both later". With that the Wizard guided the boys through some big folding doors and out into a big courtyard. There before them stood a big bright green giant Dragon, who had the reddist eyes that looked like huge rubies. "Jonathan and Cameron would like you to fly them over the Land so that they can visit all the sights" the Wizard told him, and with a mighty roar the dragon laid flat on the ground so that the boys could climb easily onto his back. When they were comfortable, the Wizard told him he could go, and with another mighty roar they took off. Slowly and gently the Dragon flew through the air, hovering just above the buildings below so that the boys could see everything and everybody that was on the ground. Everywhere look so exciting and the boys couldn't wait to visit some of the places they could see from the air.4

Their first stop was a giant sweet factory - "just like the one in Willy Wonka" said Jonathan and sure enough it was. A big clown welcomed them at the door and showed them through the factory. The smell was magnificent and the boys wandered around in amazement at the wonderful variety of sweets and chocolates there were. When the clown told them that they could eat as many of the sweets and chocolates as they liked they thought they must be the luckiest boys in the world to be in such a brilliant place. "Do you think our friends will believe us when we tell them" asked Cameron, but Jonathan was too busy eating a big chocolate shaped cat that was filled with marshmallow, to answer. After a good look round and filling themselves to the brim with all their favourte sweets and chocolates, they heard a mighty roar. "That's Dross calling us" said Jonathan "we had better hurry or we will be late for our next call". As the next visit was to the little Lego village, the boys quickly ran to the factory door. They thanked the Clown for a lovely time. He told them it was a pleasure and showed them out. "Come again" he called after them and the boys both hoped that perhaps one day they would.5

As they climbed on Dross's back ,and began to take off , Jonathan and Cameron were full of excitement at the thought of visiting the Lego village. As they looked down they began to see lots of different buildings all in bright reds, blues and yellows and realised that they must be arriving. "We must make notes of the different buildings so that we can try to reproduce them when we get home, with our own Lego set" said Cameron and Jonathan thought that was a brilliant idea. The buildings were all magnificent and even the people were made of Lego - just like the toy robots that the boys often made at home. The difference was that these robots could speak and told the boys they were very pleased they had visited them. They took them to their play area where the boys had a go on all the equipment. There were slides and roundabouts, even a carousel that had lego horses that the boys could ride on. They had a wonderful time and when Dross gave his mighty roar, to let them know it was time to go again, they felt quite sad at having to leave the village, but were very pleased with all the brilliant ideas they had made notes of.6

Dross then took them for one final flight over the whole of the Land of Make Believe and then gently landed back at the Wizard's Castle. Alice and Hatter were there waiting for them. "It's time for some tea before we leave" she told them. "Hatter has invited everyone to a party for you so that you can say goodbye before we take you back to the woods". "That's great" said the boys - once more in unison and Alice and Hatter gave a hearty laugh "the Wizard was right, you really are proper twins" said Hatter. As the boys looked they saw a lovely big table full of goodies - jellies, cakes, sandwiches. Every place setting had a cracker beside it and there were posts all dressed up with ribbons and balloons and a big banner that said "THANK YOU FOR VISITING US JONATHAN AND CAMERON". 7

Before they got ready to leave, both boys thanked the Wizard for inviting them and thanked everybody for being so kind to them. The Wizard told them to always be good boys and they assured him they would. It was time to go and the boys and Alice and Hatter climbed onto the magic carpet once more. With the words "Carpet Ascend" they were once again in full flight, passing once again through the brilliant sky. All too soon it was time to land - "Carpet Descend" said Hatter and gently and softly they landed at the exact place where the boys had first set eyes on Alice and Hatter. "Thank you for a perfectly magical day" said Jonathan and Cameron told them it was the best day he had every spent. "You are very welcome" said Alice "We have loved having you" said Hatter. "We must go now, but make sure you go straight home and you will be well in time for your dinner at 5.00pm" said Alice. For the last and final time the magic words were spoken "Carpet Ascend" and within seconds it was flying high in the sky. The boys watched and waved until it was out of sight and both boys agreed that they felt very sad to see their friends gowhat could be forever.8

They got home at exactly 5.00pm and their Mother was very pleased with them. They began to tell her about their day but she just smiled and told them they had wonderful imaginations. The boys looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, it was obvious that nobody would believe them so they decided that they wouldn't mention it to anyone else. They just hoped that if they continued to be good , one day, they would be able to visit that Magical Land again.


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