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Peter Pan: A Disney Challenge Entry

Short story By: PeaceLoveLingleton
Childrens stories

This is an entry for a challenge. I was told to rewrite a Disney story. I chose Peter Pan...

The music box is playing Second Star to the Right by Jesse McCartney. It is a Disney remake and was a major source of inspiration for this piece so be sure to have it playing when you read the work... together its magical...

Submitted:Dec 14, 2009    Reads: 628    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

Looking for the oh so familiar window, I can't help but wonder what Wendy's life would be if she had never met me. She would probably be better off without me here. She depends on me every night to keep her dreams away. I can't even remember when I first started visiting Earth, but Wendy has always been my reason for returning. I have been coming for many years. To start with, I was just a companion to her. Someone to play with when she was lonely, but that soon developed into what we have today. I remember that things changed when I arrived one night (I can't remember which one is which since time doesn't exactly exist to me in Never Neverland) and she was already asleep. She looked frightened from whatever her dream was about and she was tossing and turning in her bed. I didn't want to interfere with her life, but I didn't like seeing her like this, so I reached into her dreams and changed them into something peaceful.

When she awoke, it scared me. She just suddenly jumped and looked all around, confused more than likely. When she saw me standing there, I knew that she knew what I had done. She looked thrilled at the realization though. It was as if I had answered some unspoken prayer. She told me of the terrible nightmares she had been having. They were horrific and were nothing like what I knew in my home. There was a monster that came after her and she felt helpless, small, and fragile. So, from that night on, I have been coming every night to keep bad dreams away and replace them with the beautiful ones that I was more familiar with.

Seeing the light left on and the window cracked, I land on the roof just outside the opening and ease my way in. She appears to be asleep, but I know otherwise. She pretends so she can fool her parents, but as soon as I arrive, she is wide-eyed and bushy tailed. I am never not happy to see her. Even though it would appear to anyone who looked at us from the outside that she needs me more than I need her, I know the truth. Though I keep her nightmares at bay at night time, she keeps me floating through the air all the time. Although some people would contribute that to Pixie Dust, it is simply that since I met her, my heart has grown wings and has carried me higher and happier than I have ever been.

Looking at her tonight, however, something is different. Though she is dressed in her nightgown that she wears every night, and her hair is in braids with ribbons, her face tells a different story. Instead of the usual perky Wendy that I have grown so used to, I see a more mature, yet more unhappy Wendy. This is not my Wendy at all. She isn't the star that guides my heart every night. Looking around for the cause of this pain I see, there are bags packed and laying by the door. All of her things. She will be moving out of the nursery tomorrow and I won't be able to see her anymore. She has already came to this realization, but the thought of not seeing her ever again hurt. Bad.

She says that it is time for her to grow up and move away from childish things, but I see that she secretly wants to stay a child for a little longer. I am going to be a child forever. She is going to grow up and leave me. Wendy will grow up, find her true love, get married, and have children of her own. She should have that, it is where she belongs; and I should stay in Never Neverland, where I belong. As I turn to walk out of the room I have visited for so many years, I feel a hand on my shoulder turning me around. She kisses me and tells me that she will never forget. I promise to always watch over her. With that, I take the second star to the right and go all night to Neverland. But return nightly to make sure my Wendy is safe.

Many years later...

As I make the nightly travel to Earth, I see a sight that has been missing for many years. A cracked window. It is in the same building Wendy was once, but it has been unoccupied for many years now. Going up to it, I see an older woman holding a baby. The face has many features that I recognize. The perfect nose that seemed too small for her face. The brown eyes that had felt so deep when I looked into them. The mouth that was always on the verge of a smile. The lips that had kissed mine.

I know it is Wendy, but she seems so different. Yet, I don't feel any differently about her. I climb in the window and see a smile that warms my heart. Her eyes show something that was different than it was as a child. It's more selfless. Though she was never a selfless child, her time and love is wholly and completely given to the beautiful things in her arms. The baby is asleep and I hear her faint snore. Wendy gets up to place the baby in its bed and heads back to her seat in the rocking chair.

She opens her mouth to speak. "Peter, it's been a while. I've missed you."

With that one line, I feel my heart flutter and the wings that had been folded up for so long begin to take wing...


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