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The Raiser of Rabbits

By: Pranav5

Page 1, Can Rabbits be cute?

Quiet, please! A man wants to tell you a story about his past:

'Once a time, a young boy, extremely handsome, has received a job to raise rabbits at a foot of a mountain. After a month, the young boy was highly rewarded and the manager also gave him a new little pet, a rabbit, to adjust. But before returning to the mountain to work, a disaster prospered. As one shoelace was untie, it was annoying the young fellow, especially he was carrying the rabbit in his hands. Stupidly, he tied and after, he was scared, that the rabbit has got away. Moral: A rabbit never sleeps with a fool. Hey, but wait! In this story, I am the fool. STUPID MORAL!!!!!!!

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