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The Legend of Reflection

Short story By: PrinceEdward
Childrens stories

How did reflection exist on earth? A short legend made without bases. An entry for Kit's Writing contest.

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The Legend of Reflection


Once there were two princes living their lives in royalty, luxury and power. They ruled the kingdom alone because of being early orphans. As the two boys grow up with each other, one has been known to be good, modest and kind to his fellow people while the other one was the complete opposite, known to be cruel, boastful and doesn't care of anything rather than himself. As they went to puberty, love has runned their world.

The good prince found himself a lady that could suit the woman of his dreams. As for the other prince, he never found himself a lover due to his hideous personality. And because of that, he enslave and assaulted several women of their kingdom.

One stormy night, a lady stranger came to the castle for help. She hasn't been eating for three days and been walking from a very long journey. She had been exhausted and she couldn't feel her legs anymore. As she went inside the castle for help, she met first the bad prince. Of course, the bad prince won't let her spare anything because technically, he was cruel and without any pity to others. He drove the lady out of the castle.

The good prince, wearing his dark raincoat, riding a horse from town saw the lady rained in the streets. He asked her to mount his horse with him and so, the lady never had any second thoughts and rode the horse with him. They went inside the castle and the prince did anything he could do to the lady stranger.

As the night passed and the day went up, the bad prince noticed the lady, wandering in the castle. He called the guards to capture the lady and place her into the dungeon. The guards did what he said though they all know the lady's situation. The good prince knew what was happening and so, he stopped them from taking the lady to the dungeon. The bad prince was so angry, he dared the good prince with a fight. The good prince never accepted any fights from him and so, there were no arguments.

The bad prince didn't stop there. He ordered the guards to kidnap the good prince's lover and placed her into a very tall tower without any doors to go up and down nor exit. The good prince got so worried, he tried to rescue her lover but the bad prince still dared him with a fight. The good prince had no choice. He fought his own twin in order to save his lover. The two princes fought each other until the good prince succeeded to underestimate his brother. The bad prince died leaving the good prince in grief. He loved his twin despite his wickedness and everything. He managed to rescue his lover but killed his own brother who was his last family.

He grieved so much, he wished the skies for help. As he was holding his brother in his arms, the stars gathered around into a big light and it turned into a figure of a lady. A familiar lady, almost as the same as the lady stranger. It turned out to be a fairy. A star fairy, particularly. The fairy offered the prince a deal to revive the dead prince. But conditions were, they would live there lives separately but they will still see each other, the bad prince will be in complete opposite as the good prince but the bad prince will do everything that the good prince will do, either every blink of his eyes, the whisk of his hair, every movement the good prince will take, till the rest of his life in order to be renowned good.

The prince was not so happy although satisfied, he could always see his brother on his reflection.


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