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Sometimes we wonder what life would be like if we were not what we are, and I set myself free from being human and explored the world as a "straw in the wind"... using my own life experiences to come to a conclusion...

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By Raine Carosin

26th February 2010

Once, a long, long time ago, there was a field of barley in which grew two tall stalks. They gaily grew up together, lengthening in the warm sun and the soaking rains. They tossed their heads and laughed into the charming skies, wanting for nothing and knowing just the firm hold of the ground when the winds came to play.

They talked and played games and as they grew older, fell in love.

"I will stay with you forever!" vowed Logan.

"And I will want you with me forever!" echoed Lee.

Sometimes they would touch shyly when the sun was stretching tired arms over the horizon to wish every one a good night and they would gaze lovingly as the hues of yellow and purple cast luminous shadows over their bodies.

The dreadful day came upon them suddenly, as if the sun had grown tired of their chatter and the dreadful cries could be heard from the far end of the fields where the birds chirped their pleasure, bounce-flying behind a large green monster of metal.

It was a day of panic that ended early for some while the others had to endure the anticipation of an unknown terror.

The two stalks clung together, feeling the vibration of the ground as the harvester came nearer and nearer, inching closer and the screams getting louder.

Suddenly it was upon them. The ground shook violently and they were tossed and turned into and out of the machine.

They lay there, shivering and naked. Lee called out for Logan.

"Logan! Are you here? Can you hear me?"

Lee's voice cried loudly, but the din for the millions of others, strewn in the field, drowned out her voice.

"Logan??" she tried again. It was no use. There was no way of knowing where Logan was and whether he could hear her.

Was he trying to find me? She wondered. She lay there as the sun relented and slid over the horizon. It was a very long time before the fields quietened down and the birds had gone to nest. Rats scurried here and there, collecting what they needed and the faint rustle of snakes could be heard now and again as they slithered through the aftermath.

Lee was not sure of when she was being moved, but found herself staring into bright pink eyes.

"You'll do just fine", said the hairy creature, which turned out to be a rat. "You're coming with me."

Lee felt herself being picked up and carried a short distance to a hole in the ground. There was a flurry of wings beating the air and all of a sudden Lee was flung out of the rat's grasp and did a stumble to the ground.

She looked around her. It was dark and therefore she couldn't see too far, but could make out the distant shadow of an owl. She felt very alone but the grasses gave her a soft pillow and she soon fell into a deep sleep.

It was a journey of many twists and turns for Lee. Early one morning a light breeze began to play with her, and then the breeze became stronger until it picked her up and she whirled into the sky. Higher and higher until she was so dizzy she lost consciousness.

Lee awoke floating on a large expanse of water, bobbing gently from side to side and sometimes rolling over. She felt free but still her heart was crying out for Logan. Her tears mingled with the water. She cried until she could cry no more.

All of a sudden she felt a tug at her body! What is happening? She cried out.

The water laughed and gurgled happily.

We're going to the ocean!!!!! was the gleeful reply. To the sea! To the sea!

There were waterfalls and rocks and twists and turns and soon Lee was pretending that Logan was beside her, enjoying the ride. She heard him say: I will stay with you forever! Soon she forgot that she was all alone in the big world and smiled at the sun and moon and stars as they came and went.

The ocean was very big and Lee felt very small and insignificant. Her fears and loneliness returned to her heart and she shed many tears.

One day, while floating around in the doldrums, she heard voices as if from afar. She strained to make out what they were saying, but it was hard to distinguish because her head kept dipping into the ocean where she could hear only the voices of the sea.

Suddenly, forms started to take shape around her. A conversation began to make sense and when they noticed her, they introduced themselves as a bunch of flotsam and jetsam.

"Come join us!" they invited in a ragged chorus. "We're heading for the nearest nose of land."

With nothing left to leave behind except her heartache, she joined the merry bunch and she began her journey. It was the first time she had something to look forward to without Logan, and yet her heart still yearned for his nearness.

It came to pass that the flotsam and jetsam did indeed find land. Logan had learned a lot along the journey and had found friends amongst the group. Of course, some had decided to go in other directions and some had stayed in the mainstream.

Lee lay on the beach. The sun had begun to dry her out. Passers-by had taken some of her friends home so she had time to think. Logan, even though she had thought of her love and promise to him everyday, was far from her thoughts when whirring wings brought her sharply back to reality.

Before she could blink, she felt herself gripped tightly in the bird's beak and flying through the air at a very fast pace.

The wind ripped out of her lungs, she drew in huge draughts until she could breathe normally again. She was in a nest. Or rather, she was being made part of a nest. The twists and turns again…

Lee smiled as she remembered the day she had literally been woven into the tapestry of life. The nest had been discarded a very long time ago and she'd been blowing in the wind for what seemed like eons.

On a particularly windy day, the nest had decided to take to the roads, allowing the winds to push it in one direction and then, as its symmetry advised, in another direction.

A young boy, about fourteen, was walking along the road too, and when he saw the rolling nest. He only saw a makeshift soccer ball and gave it a swift kick.

Lee found herself "unwoven" and free again. The current breeze was strong and lifted her up easily.

Here we go again… Lee thought to herself. Come with me, Logan she whispered to her imaginary friend.

She was carried for hours, going high to where the sky was the ocean and the earth was an island. Looking down, a tear sprang to her eyes and she was just about to cry when a familiar voice said: "Lee, is that you?"

It was unbelievable. Logan was actually there, floating in the sky with her, right beside her!!!!

"Lee, is that really you?"

Lee found her voice.

"LOGAN!! Yes, yes! It is me!!!! Is that really you? Am I dreaming?"

And so they found each other again. Their honest words had bound them in their love and they had become like the stars in the sky.

Logan took Lee's hand and this time he would never, ever let go.

Lee holds on tightly and follows her heart.

Their lives are filled with adventure and happiness and the knowledge that they will always be together. Forever.


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