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Tags: Kitten, Sad, Abuse

I actually wrote this for a little girl, whose had a hard life. I read it to her and she really liked it. She sympathized with my Angel and I think this really helped her out. Thought it might be worth putting up.

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Where Angels Lay

By Revera Love


Angel twitched her whiskers feeling the rain slide off their silky stalks. The box she called home sank under the pummeling of rain. Its thin slimy frame sunk down at the front. Outside the street glittered and jumped like dancing fire flies. The occasional shadow of Man fell across her box making her whiskers still from lack of breath until they passed.

Man was trouble, danger, that's what Mother said.

Her ears turned to the approach of softy padded paws. Mother dragged herself in the weakening shelter. The rain had slicked her downy gray fur against her revealing the ware of life on the streets. Her whiskers dripped scraps of grease. She smelled foul, but it was not that which turned her kitten away. Angel knew her mother had found food and yet she had crawled back into this box without so much as a spare frie for her young.

Angel turned her back from her mother and curled like a caterpillar into herself against the storm. The scrape of paws told her where her mother shuffled and she felt the cold slime of smoggy rain sliding from the gray queens pelt to meld with her own. "There wasn't enough." The smoggy cat mewed. "I would have brought it home."

The lies burned Angel's ears, "I know Mother." It was all she could offer in condolence and all either cat would say. The rain pattered like mice in mad dash. The thought made Angels stomach growl, but she just curled into herself,ashamed ofher own hunger.

"Their still watching." Mother mewed just before falling into troubled dreams. Angel's eyes burned with unshed tears. Of course they were watching. Forever watching but never changing a thing.

Angels, what she'd been named for.

Angels, Mother's only hope.

Angels why did she even bother hoping?

We're nothing but forgotten.

CH. 2

Kyle passed the muddy street hearing the drone of cars at his side. Just another day at his dead end job at the machinery plant, what he wouldn't do for a little excitement.

The towers of danky glass laughed at him as he passed. This city was not home. Fondly he thought back to his country nook where he'd grown up. He could still hear the squeals of the little rats as he tossed their still squirming bodies to his many wiry mutts.

How those eyes had glowed with blood lust.

How that fur flew.

A weak mew pulled him from his memories. He was in front of a vacant lot that justified its title. Trash cans sat dented and rusting with an air of stagnet water and soaked animal fur. The latter brought a smile to Kyle's chapted lips.

Things were about to get a lot more interesting.

The sound had sunken into the cracked concrete at his approach. "No matter" Kyle spoke aloud. "There's more than one way to skin a cat" His wicked smirk grew at his own joke.

He walked among the disarray smashing his hands against the rough coat of grime that hung from the metallic cans. They screamed with outrage bringing with them a terrified yowl. There she was; the soft down of a dirty little kitten peeked just barely from the shade of a collapsing cardboard box. He dropped to one knee, snapping his sausage fingers at the revealing autumn eyes.

The kitten stubbornly stayed where she was, but Kyle was not impatient. He sat his grimy rump in a thin trickle of water and waited, not for that kitten, but for the mother that would surely drive it out. He had to wait only a little while before a thin gray female crawled from the far side seeming to come from under a mesh gate. She would have been pretty, nice long legs and tapered muzzle. He spoke, softly not really saying words, but just letting her know he was there. The mother swiveled her ears to hear his voice a concerned mew floated on the wind.

Kyle rose stepping closer. He knew the cat wouldn't leave, not with something so precious practically in his grasp.

"Come here you little rat." Kyle breathed kindly. The stupid cat came closer. She followed his voice like he was the piper bringing that kitten at her heels. He reached out a hand and smirked when those ticklish strands of clear nerves drew across his palm. Carefully he caught the mother in a soft hold and gripped the kitten by the scruff. Its pitiless cry made Kyle laugh.
"Cry all you want Baby" He spat holding both of the cats until they squealed.

"There's no one left to hear you"

CH 3.

The Clink of metal slammed behind Angel. Her skin felt numb from being held to long by the scruff. She looked around lethargically at the tiny apartment. Boxes of strong smelling cheese and meats flew temptingly from the cardboard. A feast lay just inside that thin lid. She mewed half asleep before he threw her. The ground smashed the breath from her little body. Somewhere mother was screaming.

The place was so dimly lit even the kitten had troubled making it out. The ground beneath her was harry and reminiscent of the mold that grew in the cracks of wall outside. Angel lifted her heavy eyelids and sniffed.


The door slammed hard behind her. Mother's mews accompanied a scratch of hard twine under claws. The man growled happily and began to close in on her trembling body. "Here Kitty Kitty Kitty. How about a nice bath. You're so dirty."

Angel fled from his stinky hands under an equally stinky group of poles with a convenient roof. His horrible paws prodded and swiped for her. Terrified Angel unleashed her claws and sank them into the oily flesh. The man roared with rage and struck out again catching the kitten by a paw.

She tried to pull free and bit at the nasty paw but he had her. Locked and struggling his grip tightened around her swollen belly. Angel cried and the man laughed heartily. Instantly she was whisked away down the hall and into a room that smelled sweet and horrid at once. The sound of water about set Angel in a frenzy. Her heart was beating so hard in her fledgling chest. The water swamped over her head and ears invading and filling every orifice with its suffocating bite. The water was everywhere. Her voice lost in its swell.

Briefly she touched air before being sucked back under. The light was dimming and she felt sick

. Where are the angels now?

Her nose hit sweet air. Cold and shaking she gagged pooling the water of the ceramic tile. The outside was so cold, the inside was terrible. His voice slid like a snakes scales. "There you are Rat, nice and clean."

He left Angel then, the screen door swung wide and an angry squeal echoed down the hall.

"Mother! Run!"

The man was back, still dripping from his bath time with the kitten. In his arms was the yowling female. Bitterly she sunk her teeth into the sinew and muscle. The man growled and struck her hard over the skull. Alright Kitty, it's your momma's turn." His herculean grasp clutched her wickedly around the middle and threw her into the cold. Her soaking fur clung to her awkwardly. From inside she could hear her mother yowling. She trembled on the concrete wishing for that cold box.

The cold stars would have glittered over head if not for the smog and streetlights. Her whiskers trembled.

"Where are You!" She yowled at the silent sky. "Can't you see what he's doing? Are you happy we're here?" A light thunder was her only companion. Gradgually Mother's screams died but she didn't come out. Angel wondered if she'd ever see her mother again.

"Where are you?" Angel mewed again, weaker. "Where are you."


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