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An Unexpected Joyful Christmas

Short story By: sibunalovatic
Childrens stories

It's about when Santa comes to visit one specific family because of a child who is on the naughty list and he's going to try to change the child's way.

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An Unexpected Joyful Christmas

It's Christmas Eve in the Hunter's Household. It's about three o'clock in the afternoon and the Hunter family is getting ready for when their relatives come to visit at six. Their relatives are traveling from Colorado to California to celebrate Christmas with the rest of their family. Grace and Andrew Hunter have three kids. Their kids names are Cadalyn, Kenzel, and Kielle. Cadalyn is 14 years old and she knows that Santa Claus isn't real, but she pretends that he is because of her younger siblings. Kenzel is seven years old and Kielle is five years and they both believe in Santa Claus. While the family is getting ready and dressed up, Kielle is acting up because she doesn't want to see her relatives and this isn't unusual for her. She acts up quite a bit and she complains and fusses about everything especially when she doesn't get her way. Kielle's mom is trying to calm her down and tries asking her why she doesn't want relatives to come over. Kielle doesn't budge and does not want to talk and she's being stubborn. "Hey mom, please let me try something." Cadalyn said assuring her that she would be able to calm her sister down.Cadalyn was capable of calming her younger sister down and she wasn't crying or fussing anymore, but her sister wasn't sastisfied. She started being pouty rather than fussy. Grace, Kielle's mother gets on her knees down to her level and says, "If you keep your attitude up, you're gonna be on Santa's naughty list? Do you wanna be on the naughty list?" Then, she looks at her mom in the eyes for a moment and then says, "I don't care if I'm on the naughty list this year." she stated with attitude. Then, her mom asks, "What's wrong?" Kielle won't budge and she is a trouble maker who is also very stubborn.

Then, the clock strikes 6 and the doorbell rings. Then, Grace opens the door and says, "Hi mom, dad, Aunt Judith and Uncle Morris. Please come on in and in advance, I will apologize for Kielle's behavior tonight. She's been in a bit of a mood lately." "It's alright." Aunt Judith replies. Cadalyn and Kenzel both run to greet their relatives and Kielle runs to greet her Grandma Jo, Grandpa Hicks and her Uncle Morris. She gives her Aunt Judith a weird, some-what evil look and then both her mom and dad looked at her in the eyes with their eyes saying, "That was rude." Then, she calmly says, "Hi Aunt Judith." "Hi Judith, Morris, Grandma Jo and Papa Hicks. Sorry I couldn't greet you when you walked in. I've been busy cooking." Andrew stated. Then, Kielle walks off wanting nothing to do with the adults.

Then, all of sudden out of nowhere, they hear a crash which happened to be Santa's sleigh and reindeer that landed on the roof. "What in the world was that?" Grace and Judith asked. Then, Santa enters the Hunter's home through the chimney and says, "Ho-Ho-Ho. Looks like we're having some trouble here, now aren't we." All of the adults including Cadalyn just stared at him for a minute in complete shock. "You ru-ru-re..." Grace tried asking stutterting. "Real? Of course I'm real." Santa answered. They couldn't believe that he was there except for the two youngest kids. "Kielle, please come here." Santa tells her. "What is it Santa, am I on the naughty list?" She asks very sweetly. "Well, yes you are. Please try your best not to be naughty and don't get coal in your stocking again." Santa tries reassuring her. She looks at him in the eyes and says, "I promise to do my best to be good and not to be naughty." "You also have promise me one more thing." Santa says making a "pact" with her. "What is it?" "You also have to promise me that you will listen to your parents and accept your punishments when you act up. You are too old to be acting like a baby. Will you promise you'll listen?" "I promise." "Well, I gotta take off now and before I go, all of you kids come give me a big hug." Santa says. All of them gave him a hug and Cadalyn was still in disbelief, but once she saw him in person, she believed in him all over again. "One more thing before I go." Santa says. "What is it?" Andrew asks being curious. "Cadalyn, can you please promise me something as well? Can you promise me that you will help your parents out in discliplining Kielle, but nothing that's violent?" He asks. "I'd love to help them out." she replied smiling. Then, Santa took off and was still watching the Hunter family to see how they were getting along.

In conclusion, and after several timeouts with the help of her older sister, Cadalyn, she eventually learned her lesson. Kielle started listening to her parents more often because she did not like being in timeout and got up, but everyone kept putting her back on the naughty step until she finally got the message and stayed there for her time. By this time, it was bed time for everyone and the next morning was Christmas Day. All kids were up at 8 AM and they noticed a bunch of gifts under the tree. Kielle's stocking wasn't filled with coal this year, she got good things in her stocking because she was being good and listened to her parents. After Kielle learned her lesson, she felt relief and didn't have as many of her moods as she used to. She felt good about being a better person and she didn't mind helping her family and her family was whole again. From morning to night, the Hunter's family had gotten closer to each other than ever before including Grace's relatives. Everyone got along and they were all happy, joyful, and having a great time on Christmas morning as a family.


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