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This is a Fable. I was one night telling my children a story about animals trying to make them sleep. I improvised it and the following day I wrote it.

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Once upon a time, a kingdom of animals, which was ruled by a powerful lion, lived in happiness and peace until one day the animals discovered that one rabbit was missing. The animals thought that maybe the rabbit was wandering in the woods for a while and would come back later. The following day, the rabbit did not show up. The other animals and especially the rabbits started to be anxious about their friend. So, they rushed to their king and expressed their fears and concerns.

King Lion called his councillors : the tiger, the wolf, the vulture and the fox for a meeting. He talked to them about the missing rabbit. His councillors advised him to have an eye on the rabbits' area and find out what exactly happened.

The day after, many animals gathered around the rabbits' place and kept waiting. After a few minutes, a shadow of a huge body was seen crawling slowly towards the rabbits' big hole and was making a sharp hissing sound. The animals could not believe their own eyes. It was the mean and naughty snake. He was back after being kicked out of the kingdom by king Lion two years ago. That snake was very dangerous. He was behind the sufferance and grief of the animals of the kingdom for so many years. One of the birds flied quickly to king Lion and informed him about the bad news.

King Lion declared a state of emergency and, once again, he held a meeting with his councillors.

"We have to put an end to this killing of innocent animals." shouted the tiger.

"Yes, friend," agreed the wolf "we must find a way to get rid of the cruel snake."

"What about chasing the snake out of the kingdom once and for all?" suggested the vulture angrily.

After listening to the animals, king Lion said : "I totally agree with all of you. But how? This is the point of our meeting today."

At last the fox spoke : "I think that we, the councillors, should seriously think of an intelligent and efficient way to rid our kingdom of the snake."

King Lion said : "This is a good idea. You have only one night to think a plan out. We shall meet tomorrow morning. Good night dear councillors."

The tiger, the wolf and the vulture did not sleep. They remained awake the whole night thinking. On the contrary, the fox had a very good night's sleep.

On the following day, the councillors joined king Lion to listen to each other's plan and discuss it.

The tiger started : "I will kill the snake myself."

"How?" asked king Lion.

"I'll watch him until he gets near the rabbits' hole then I'll jump on him and I'll crush him to death with my hooves."

"But the snake will bite you and poison you by his forked tongue and you'll be lying dead before him." said king Lion.

"I will kill the snake myself." screamed the wolf.

"How?" asked king Lion.

"I will be waiting for him near a deep hole and keep howling, and when he shows up I'll let him crawl inside the hole then I'll attack him from behind and tear him off with my canine."

"But the snake will squeeze you with his coils and you'll be lying dead before him." said king Lion.

"I will kill the snake myself, I will kill the snake myself." Crowed the vulture.

"How?" asked king Lion.

"I will be hovering over the rabbits' place waiting for my prey and when I see the snake I'll fly close to him and I'll pierce his eyes with my beak and talons."

"But the snake will hit you to death with his tail and devour you before you even get close to his eyes and you'll be lying dead before him." said king Lion.

The animals were disappointed and ashamed because they failed to find a safe and clever way to kill the snake.

"What about you fox? What is your plan?" asked king Lion.

The fox stepped forward and said in a steady and firm voice : "WE will kill the snake all of us together and you, king Lion, will be with us to witness our triumph."

"How?" king Lion asked eagerly.

"WE will keep a close watch on the snake, and when he gets near the rabbits' hole WE will attack him at the same time. The tiger will jump on the snake and crush his tail with his hooves. The wolf will tear the snake's body off with his canine and the vulture will focus on the snake's eyes and pierce them."

"What will YOU do fox?" asked king Lion.

"I'll be standing next to you watching the fight and be ready not only to help my friends in case they are in danger but also to sacrifice my life for you." replied the fox.

The other animals could not believe their own ears but could not say anything.

King Lion could not help himself from giggling : "You cunning fox! You never get tired of tricking others… Let's hope your plan will work in your favour."

On the following day, all the animals hurried to the rabbits' place. Fortunately, everything went according to the plan and the fox was not only saved but also hailed as a hero for saving the animals of the kingdom from the snake.


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