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hello my 3rd short story.

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Chapter 1 Sarah The sunlight poured from the leaves. Sarah yawned and stretched herself. The bed she had was hardly a bed. It was made from a trunk from a tree. it wasn't that comfy but it was better than to be with whatever was lurking on the floor. She brushed aside a few of the giant leaves to her hut and walked out. Sarah smiled and fetched her home made fishing rod. She reached the pond with her bucket and rod. Sarah searched in the mud beside the pond for some worms. When she had found four she selected the biggest one and pushed it through the home made rod. After afew minutes Sarah felt a tug. Sarah lifted the rod and pulled the fish off the hook. After catching a whole bucket of fish she made her way back to her hut. She picked up a knife and started gutting the first of the pile of fish. CHAPTER 2 Hannah Hannah woke up. Her alarm was still beeping. She had set it for three O clock in the morning. Hannah got her clothes on and made her way to the kitchen. She packed afew tins of tinned food and pocketed the one hundred pound she had found in her dad's wallet. Hannah ate her cereal and started her journey. After about two hours of walking Hannah stopped. She made her way into a store. She looked at her watch. It was five o clock. After buying a sharp knife, afew bottles of water, a cheap make of crisps she made her way to her destination. Finally Hannah stopped and made her way blindly into some trees. CHAPTER 3 Sarah Two hours later Sarah finished gutting the fish. She pushed her way through some leaves and was walking on the main road. She had covered her hair as much as she could with her hair. A scarf was wound round her mouth and nose. It was boiling but there was nothing she could do. Sarah was finished fixing her hair again. She pushed a sun hat over her head and pushed it down to her eyes. Sarah finally reached the town. It was quite an old place so it wasn't that busy. She made her way over to a free stall and started unpacking her fish. CHAPTER 4 Hannah had spent afew hours looking for a place to start her new life. Finally she came to a cluster of bushes. Hannah pushed her way through the bushes and gasped. Two trees were quite close together. More trees surrounded them making a roof over the trees. Over on her left was a space where she could make her hut. An hour later Hannah had made a hammock where the two trees were. it was perfect. She made her way out and looked for some old tree trunks. CHAPTER 5 Sarah had been very busy. only afew fish to sell then she was free to buy her supplies. The faster she got into shade the better. sweat was trickling down her neck, face and her armpits. The last customer had bought the remaining fish. Finally Sarah was back at her hut. There was something poking out of the cluster of trees. Cautiously Sarah made her way to them. Sarah crawled through the bushes. Some clothes and luggage were hanging on a hammock between two trees. A girl was staring at her. CHAPTER 6 Hannah It was afew minutes before any of them had said anything. What are you doing here? a girl asked Hannah......


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