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Yorra went hunting for wombats and found a UFO

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Once upon a time there was a boy who thought a lot,
he thought a lot about 'oranges'.
He grew oranges,he sold oranges,he loved oranges, a lot!

Now you maybe thinking to yourself right about

This persons name was Yorra and he was 15 and a half years old.
Yorra never had a last name because his mother said
she didn't like it.
Yorra thought this was rather an odd thing to say,
but never questioned her about it at all.

The only friend that Yorra had, was the girl who worked in the library, her name was 'Ida' with the last name of 'Know' she had long red hair and a lot of freckles.
which Yorra thought was cute!
If Yorra ever had a problem, Ida Know was the one he went to.

People used to tease Yorra a lot, well he thought they did.
He would hear them yell "your a nut" as he'd walk by.
This made Yorra very sad!

One day while Yorra was out hunting for Wombats in the bush, he spied an orange glow, so off he went to have a look.
The orange glow came from a huge crater in the earth.
Very quietly and with great stealth, he crept towards the edge, laying down on his belly he peered over.

And low and behold, right in front of his eyes was an 'orange'.
He loved oranges so much that he forgot his fear,
he grabbed that orange and jumped up,forgetting all about the glow he had seen,
or what was in the crater, instead, he peeled that orange and ate it!

"Oh My" he said to himself, "that was mighty tasty"
Then he heard a voice, the voice,
which was kind of like an echo of his own voice said...,
"You Just Saved Me", now this was an extraordinary thing.
Yorra knew that the voice had come from within his own head.

Then he remembered the orange glow, and looked over the edge of the crater, there was a tiny saucer shaped disk the size of an orange.
He reached down to pick it up,and heard the voice in his head say, "Yes that is my Ship bring it with us" so Yorra picked up the orange disk,
and as soon as it was in his hand the orange glow went out.
Yorra though this was an amazing thing to happen to him, and put it in his pocket.

All the way back home the voice of the orange talked to Yorra inside his head, telling him of his journey from his home planet.
"As a matter of fact", the orange explained, "my father is king of the planet 'Orange', and that, 'he' the 'orange', was 'Prince Ima Nut',
he had been sent to this planet in search of his half brother, who was born here.

Well you can imagine how surprised Yorra was at hearing this story from within his own head,
and wondered if prince Ima Nut's half brother looked like an orange too.
Yorra was even more surprised when the orange that he'd eaten replied, and said ,
'oh no I'm not a real orange this was just my cover, so I could be consumed and saved'.
We look just like you do in appearance, except we have 6 toes instead of 5.
Now yorra thought this was an extraordinary thing because on earth it was called a birth defect.
and he himself had 6 toes on each foot.

Yorra decided that he should keep this adventure a secrete from his mother,
because she didn't like oranges at all. As a matter of fact she disliked oranges so much,
that she had made a huge sign that read; 'NO ORANGES ALLOWED' and hung it on the front door.
Yorra thought this was a very strange thing to do, but kept it to himself.

His mother, whose name was Theresa with the last name of Green,
was sitting at her computer playing Bejeweled on face book when Yorra came in,
so he knew it was safe to go straight to his room.
Face book was a daily practice of his mothers and Yorra knew not to interrupt her at all.
which Yorra thought was fine, then he could eat an orange in his room without her noticing.

As soon as Yorra entered his room a strange feeling came over him, so he lay down on his bed hoping the feeling would pass, and fell asleep.
An hour went by before he awoke,and what he saw made his eyes open very wide.
Prince Ima Nut sat at Yorra's computer looking at all of Yorra's baby pictures.
He wasn't an orange anymore either, Yorra was very surprised because prince Ima Nut looked
exactly like him only taller.

Now Yorra thought that this was an extraordinary thing to happen indeed,
and sat there saying just that, as he peeled an orange.

Prince Ima Nut swiveled around in the computer chair and faced yorra saying,
" Well blow me down and call my uncle a donkey"
which Yorra thought was a very strange thing to say indeed.
Prince Ima Nut told Yorra That 'He' 'Yorra' was the half brother that he had come to find.
Yorra thought this was the most amazing thing that he had ever heard,
and said so as he popped another piece of orange into his mouth.

Did you know, 'explained prince Ima Nut' that if you love something enough, you can make it appear? "oh my! thought Yorra I could have more oranges?
Yorra was even more amazed when once again he heard the answer within his own head,
'yes, even oranges.'
Which yorra thought was very strange because Prince Ima Nut was sitting right in front of him.

Yorra always wanted a brother, and sat on his bed wondering what to do now that he had one.
and then the most amazing thought dawned within Yorra's head.
Yorra had just realized that after all this time, people weren't calling him 'a nut' after all
they just knew it was his last name. This made yorra very very happy.
' I am a nut' he said to himself 'A nut who loves oranges'!
and low and behold just as Yorra thought of his love for oranges,
there on his bed appeared 30 oranges.
-Written By Robyn Brown


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