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Willow has a story to tell

By: Winne the Author

Page 1, This is a short story about a girl named Willow

My name is Willow, i am 11 years old and i am in year 7. Now lets get to my main problem. When i go to school, people tease me alot about how i look and the way i dress is sort of old fashioned. i wear glasses because i cant see without them and they say that i look really ugly with them. I dont have any friends to stand up for me either. People bully me whenever they can. I try to avoid telling the teacher or my parents because i dont wont to be a tellatale. i get regular headaches and now i am not abe to finish my homework in time. What can i do? i plead my parents to get me some new 'in-fashion' clothes and some cosmetics. Contact lenses instead of glasses and some friends. i pray to god, that oneday something will change and that everything i have been through never ever repeats. Oneday, during PE, we were playing football and someone pushed me over while i was putting the effort to reach the goal. I broke my arm and everything went to a blur, my glasses lens were cracked and my arm was shaking. People were yelling at me to get up. I just couldnt get up. As i burst into tears the teacher came up and asked what was wrong. As i explained, she took me to the office and rang my parents. I was taken home early. My parents didnt yell at me for not telling me before and they were not mad at me for breaking my glasses. They were happy because they finally knew what i had gone through. The next day, a girl named Holly(in my class as well!) came up and asked if i was ok. Finally someone was talking to me. She told everyone that there was nothing wrong with me and nobody had the right to be bullied. Now i have everyone as my friends, Holly being my best friend.

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