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The Pumpkin and the Ghost

Short story By: writersbug
Childrens stories

Halloween story that I wrote in dedication to my daughter. Happy Halloween, sweetheart!!

Submitted:Oct 28, 2011    Reads: 881    Comments: 9    Likes: 5   

It's Halloween time again, the Pumpkin thought, sitting on the front porch of his house. He loved Halloween. The leaves on the trees turned all kinds of pretty colors and the kids always wore such nice costumes. It was his favorite time of year. The only thing he didn't like about it was that the kids always took all of the Halloween candy, and never left him with any to enjoy. The Pumpkin wished he could figure out a way to scare off the kids so the candy would be all his. As he sat there thinking of what he could do, his friend the Ghost flew over to him. "Hi, Pumpkin," the Ghost said.

"Hi, Ghost," the Pumpkin said.

"What are you thinking about?" the Ghost asked.

"I'm trying to figure out how to scare the kids away so I can have all of the Halloween candy to myself," the Pumpkin answered.

"Hmmm...," the Ghost thought. "Why don't you get dressed up as a scary pirate?"

"I'm too fat to be a scary pirate," the Pumpkin said.

"Oh yeah," the Ghost said. He thought some more. "I know, you can get dressed up like a scary space alien."

"I'm too orange to be a scary space alien," the Pumpkin said.

"Oh yeah," the Ghost said again, and thought some more. "Oh, how about a scary vampire? That would scare the kids away for sure."

"My teeth are too big to be a very scary vampire," the Pumpkin answered.

"Oh yeah," the Ghost said. The Pumpkin and the Ghost sat on the front porch for a long time, thinking. Then the Ghost had another idea. "I've got it, Pumpkin," he said. "We can work together to scare the kids."

"How do we do that?" the Pumpkin asked.

The Ghost smiled, then leaned in real close to the Pumpkin's ear, whispering so no one else would be able to hear him.

That night, the kids went around in their nice costumes, saying trick-or-treat and collecting all kinds of yummy candy. When they reached Pumpkin's house, the Pumpkin was still sitting on the front porch, waiting for them. The kids laughed at his friendly Jack-O-Lantern face, and started climbing the steps to ring the doorbell. But before they could, the Ghost suddenly jumped up out of the top of the Pumpkin.

"Boo!!!" he yelled.

The kids got so scared that they ran away from the house without getting any candy.

Later on, the Pumpkin and the Ghost sat on the porch together, sharing all of the leftover candy. They shared it because they had worked together. It was the best Halloween that they ever had.

"The End"


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