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This is a short story based on the nursery rhyme of Lucy Locket. For those who don't know it, this is the how the rhyme goes:
Lucy Locket lost her pocket
Kitty Fisher found it
There was not a penny in it
Just a ribbon 'round it.

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Lucy sighed as she used the last of her money to buy food for the week. It wasn't enough, but what else could she do. She had a baby to feed. When she thought that she looked down at the angel in her arms. Lucy was stupid enough to think the father would actually marry her. The moment she got pregnant, he left her. Because of that, she became an outcast. Having a child out of wedlock was almost criminal.

Her feet were so tired from the walk that she sat on a bench to rest awhile. The moment she did Mary began to cry. Lucy set down her basket and tried to comfort her. Soon people were starting to stare, but she couldn't quiet her. Then it dawned on her that Mary was probably hungry. She picked a carrot out of the basket and broke the end off. Then she handed it to her.

As she began to gnaw on it, her crying stopped. She was just starting to get teeth and she like to teethe with vegetables. It was a good way to feed her as well as quiet her. Lucy realized that they really needed to go home. She stood and grabbed her basket. It was probably the only thing she owned that was worth something. She ought to have sold it, but it belong to her mother and she couldn't bear the though of not having it.


Kitty Fisher saw a young woman stand up, clutching a baby to her chest. She grabbed a basket filled with food and walked away, leaving a small pocket (for those of you who don't know a pocket is a small bag used to hold money) sitting where she had been.

She walked toward the small bench and picked it up. It had a little ribbon tied around it. She couldn't contain her curiosity, so she tugged at the ribbon until it came loose. What she saw was a shock. Inside the tiny pouch was nothing. It contained not even a single penny. Kitty remembered the baby she had held in her arms and felt and pang of pity and of guilt.

She was a wealthy noble woman. She probably spent more than what that woman did in a month every day. She tied the ribbon back around it and hurried to find her, so she could return it. By the time she caught up with her, she was in the slums. She hated being in the surroundings, but she had to give the woman her pocket back.


Lucy Locket heard someone running up from behind her. She turned sharply ready to defend herself only to find she was in no danger. A woman was standing a mere two feet away from her, but she wore beautiful and extravagant clothing. What was this noble woman doing in such an awful neighborhood? It was as she thought this that she saw her pocket clutched in her hand.

The woman held it out and said, "You left this on the bench. I followed you so I could return it." Lucy took the bag with shock. This woman had come all this way just to give her an empty bag. She noticed how much the bag weighed and untied the ribbon. It was full of coins, fuller than it had ever been. By the time she looked up from the bag, the woman was gone. She did not even know her name and yet she had done her this kindness. The only thing she could think was: Why?

And now for the original nursery rhyme for those who don't know:

Lucy Locket lost her pocket

Kitty Fisher found it

There was not a penny in it

Just a ribbon 'round it

And now a bit of back information. Lucy Locket is believed to be based of a poor bartender and Kitty Fisher is a noble woman who lived an extravagant lifestyle. The reason this rhyme is so affective is because Lucy was poor and Kitty was rich. It's the irony of the situation that pulls at the heart stings of those who hear it and understand.


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