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Ex And The Twins Chpt 1

Book By: katelyn8000

Ex is a kitten. One who loves adventure, but is stuck in a garden. Where can he go? What can he do? One day he decides to venture out to see what he can find. The twins tag along, thinking it's a stroll, but they don't know they are never coming back.

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The little kitten raised his head; sleepily he opened one heavy eyelid, then the other. He yawned, his little fangs showing, with his pink tongue. Lazily he lied there, not wanting to leave the comfort of the little black cushion he was resting on. His name was Extrudge, a name he didn't know of, but everyone called him Ex. Ex was a brown tabby, with bright green eyes. He had been the first of his family to have his extraordinary green colored eyes. His hunger surprised him for he had never been so hungry before. The empty feeling in Ex's stomach made him yowl for food. With a groan he felt himself lift a sleepy paw firmly to the ground. With a sigh he was already standing, tail high in the air and his eyes wide open, ready for adventure.

Ex's dream had always been to adventure, he loved anything scary or exciting. Most of all he just wanted anything fun to happen, what was he going to do left alone in the garden of his owner's house? He had thought of leaving the black fence surrounding the yard, but had always been too afraid to. Every morning he would wake up and say "Today is history, for I will have an adventure beyond this fence that encages me." But that had not came to be. Ex surveyed the garden, no sign that his family was awake.

"Anyone awake that wishes to join me on today's adventures walk?"

"I guess I will come Ex." was Ex's little sister's reply. She stepped into view, looking over him. "You say and do that everyday." she exclaimed with a giggle. She trotted over to him, giving him a huge grin. Ex had three sisters, Stasha, May and Elena. He had two older brothers, Mark and Dylan. May and Elena were twins, May had been the kitten to take Ex's offer. Stasha was older than Ex. Elena walked up behind May and nodded, agreeing to May. The girls joined his side and Ex began on his walk.

"Where are we headed today? To the swamp?" Elena asked, giving him a thoughtful glance. Ex grinned at them.

''I know where we are going to go, yeah. We are going to make the light of today." Ex sang in his perfect voice

. "A simple no, would have worked!" said Elena, ginning.

"So funny." came Stasha's annoyed reply. "You three aren't going anywhere today!" she barred her fangs, making her gray stripped body raise. Her large black stone eyes warned them that she was angry. Elena and May placed themselves beside Ex and copied Ex in his hiss. "Ha, ha, ha, look who has herself in a fight." Snarled Emmy and Romona. They were Stasha's mean gang. They placed themselves around Ex and the twins, creating a haunting circle so they couldn't escape.

"Girls!" screamed Elena. Six other solid black kittens stalked out of the bushes and sprang on Emmy and Romona. It was a large battle when Ex sprang on Stasha. Hisses and yowls could be heard a mile away. What will happen next? Will Ex go on his adventure?


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