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Meet Megan

Book By: PenPenDenem

:O Just a story, stay tuned for chap 2, LOL LOONNNGGG CHAPTERZ

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Meet Megan
Megan wiped her eyes, and there they were, Angel and Agaratha. "Megan! Megan!," they
cried."We've been waiting for you forever!!". "Oh, haha, well, exactly how long?" asked Megan
curiously. " Uhh, about 2 minutes...?" they replied in a giggling tone of voice. " That's not forever...though... ". "FOR US IT IS!!! I mean seriously, waiting 2 minutes in SO old fashioned...." they said turning as bright red as their hair. "But anyways, we invited some of you're friends to come
along, for you're party...". "Like who?" asked Megan, " Uh, Krissi, Heather, Hannah, Samantha,
Mariah, all you're friends..." answered Agaratha. "Oh well, will Aunt Roffatell be here? Or will
Grand Mama?" asked Megan, "Of course! Now PLEASE before our life is over, PUT SOME
CLOTHES ON, DECENT ENOUGH FOR A PARTY" the twins said in a annoyed tone of voice.
Megan raced to to her blue french closet in the left corner of her bedroom. She raced to put
on her pale blue dress, with a HUGE pale blue bow in her long brown hair she put her
pale blue leggings on, they had black polka dots on them. "Ooh, you look pretty..." said the
twins in amazment. They were from France so their sence of fashion was different from the
english sence of fashion. "Oh, I am not done yet..." replied Megan. She picked up her
hair straightener and straightened her hair. "Ooh!!" cried Angel. " And this isn't even my best.".
Megan looked at them. "Now we are ready...". They walked down to the kitchen to eat breakfast,
Megan knew that she'd have to do chores. She sat down at the kitchen table. "So what do you
want for breakfast, Megan?" asked Mrs. Hammonds, the chef. "Ooh, just the norm-" then Angel
interupted " She wants Petit Fours!!!" said the twins, Petit fours were cakes, SMALL cakes
since Megan was 13 now, she'd have 13 small cakes, with about four candels on each. There
was ALWAS four candles on each no matter what the age. "Ooh, yes, yes I do!" said Megan
remembering that just a few days ago, she had a craving for petit fours. The chef looked at
her. " Ok then, Now while I am fixing this, go play outside, because it's you're birthday,
you have no chores... and of course I will fix you some Cherry and Blueberry ice cream
I know how much you love them". Megan let out an excited yell, then RACED the twins
outside to the swings. The twins hopped on the lowest ones, Megan hopped on the highest one.
They swung for about 6 minutes, then hopped down from their seats. "Look! There's Krissi!!"
shouted the twins. "Krissi!!!!" shouted Megan. "Hiya Meg!!" shouted Krissi. Krissi wore a green
dress with black polka dots on it, and green stockings with pink roses at the top, her hair
was curled, her shoes her of lace, she wore a bonnet of green with black polka dots and
black lace, too.She had done a braid that didn't effect the curles of her long blonde hair.She had wore make-up aswell. "You look beautiful" said Megan complimenting Krissi. "Thank you,
you do too". Krissi held a colorfully wrapped blue present, it was pretty big. "Ooh what is it?" Megan asked. "Well, I'll let you open it, WHEN everyone comes, speaking of, who is coming Megan?" Krissi said. " Heather, Mariah, Hannah and Samantha.". "Oh well-" just then a car
pulled up, It was Hannah. Hannah was wearing a white dress with white panty hoes, and a
ribben in her long black hair her shoes were white and gold. "Hannah!" cried all four other
girls. Hannah peered at her best friends, she ran to them, holding a small gold present. "What is it?" asked Megan. "Oh, it's just a thing I bought you, Sence I am tight on money, I hope
you like something that you wanted a while ago...". "Oh that's fine, I am just glad to see you..."
said Megan bowing her head to say more of a propper "Hello"."Oh and I just called Mariah,
She'll be here soon, in around 3 minutes." said Hannah in a excited tone. "Oh, Ok. What's her problems now?" asked Megan, smiling. "Oh she didn't tell me, I suppose she's saving it for the party...". "So Megan and Hannah, do you guys wanna race through the woods?" asked Krissi. "WHAT ABOUT US???" exclaimed the twins. "You can too". They got ready, then raced through the woods, and down to Swan Falls, Home of the Swan River. This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, it's perfect thought Megan. They ran to the river, to sun tan. They laid on rocks and got a nice tan with in an hour. "OH SNAP!!!! THE GUESTS!!!!" yelled Hannah. They ran back to Megan's house, where Samantha and Mariah were waiting. "FINALLY!!!!!!!" Mariah exclaimed. " I have soo much to tell you guys!!!!!". Wow, how suprising... thought Megan. So as Mariah put her gift on the gifts table, she began about her problems. "Well.... first of all,..." Megan simply blocked all of it out, a few minutes later she finally heard " ok.. so that's all". Samantha laid her present on the table as well. "C'mon, let's check on the ice cream!" cried Agaratha. They ran into the kitchen. "Is the ice cream done?" asked Mariah. "No, a few more minutes. Go open you're present!!" said Chef. The kids ran outside, Mariah handed Megan her present first. Megan opened it, and pulled out a BEAUTIFUL teddy bear wearing a bonnet. "Oh thank you Mariah!!" shouted Megan. Megan chose Samantha's next. She pulled out a card and a new dolly. "Thank you Sam!!". She then opened up Hannah's to find a coloring book, and a Braceightie, something Megan was collecting. "OOH THANK YOU HANNAH!!". She then opened Krissi's, she got a stuffed dog, and some new bows for her hair. "Thank you soo much Krissi...". Then, she opened Agaratha and Angel's, it was... A TRIP TO FRANCE! "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH AGARATHA!! ANGEL!!!". "It's a year for France!" said Angel. "... A y-y-year?". "Yes! A year! Isn't it exciting??!" replied Angel and Agaratha. "Ahahaha... uhh yeh! It's... very... e-e-exciting....". Really, Megan didn't want to leave. She didn't want to leave the ranch, or her family that was left at all. She knew she'd get home sick, and she was just to afraid to say it, Scared she'd hurt Agaratha and Angel, afraid she'd ruin their trip. "PACK YOU'RE BAGS" yelled Angel. Megan hesitated for a moment, then went up into her room to pack her bags. While Agaratha and Angel were prancing outside, Megan went up to grand mama. "Grand Mama, I don't want to leave here. I feel like this is my only family... and the only PLACE to remember my mom and dad...." . Grand Mama looked at her and said in a wise voice " You have to get over it, There's life before and after you're parents deaths, and livings, But you are absolutely sure you want to not go, then just don't. I am sure Agaratha and Angel wouldn't mind.". Megan surely doubted the part of the twins not being mad, well, they'd probably be sad anyways... . Megan walked up to her room, put everything she had in a carrying case. She'd miss the wide open sky, the acres of flowers and heavens, she'd miss the animals in spring and summer, and the elk in winter, stocking up on food, so they can hibernate, she'd miss her room, the place where she remembered good times. But most of all she'd miss the Island, the last place she saw her mom and dad, before they died. Even though they died over 3 years ago, it still ached her. She missed them, but she really couldnt remember them, 3 years gone by, and she tried to remember, the only thing she COULD remember was the last day she saw them. Leaving would mean forgetting, that was the thing she was scared to face the most. Even though she thought France would be the funnest place ever, it'd also lead to bad things. Her forgetting, her life. She'd be 14 when she came back, knowing this, she knew she wouldnt see grand mama, uncle, aunt, or any of them, not even Krissi, who lived in Ireland. Not Hannah, Mariah, Sam or any!!! She didnt wanna ruin Angel and Agaratha's mind set though. They had never moved before, other than to come see Megan every 4 months or so, never perminetly though. Yes, Megan knew a year wasn't forever, but she knew it'd seem like it. She'd also know she was going to be considered a young lady when she came back. There at the ranch, the age of a young lady was 14. So, Megan walked out, with an unpositive mind set. "I'm ready..."she said. The next day, they got on the bus... heading to Megan's next year of life... France. "OOH THIS IS SOO EXCITING!!" shouted Agaratha. "Umm yeah... it is..." said Megan usurely. The bus driver could tell she was not wanting to go. The bus driver stopped came over to Megan, then took her hand. "Are you SURE you want to go?". "Y-y-yes! Of course I am!! Who wouldn't be? A CRAZY PERSON!!........" said Megan. The bus driver could see the doubt in her eyes, still he went on to driving. A few days later, after Megan's suffering of leaving her friends, family, and memories, they were in France. The scene was beautiful! It was a beautiful scheme, and a nice spot to rest. - Still, Megan doubted she'd ever like France as much as Kansas. She still liked France. But it was much to hard to forget.
CHAPTER 2: Pinewhick High ( STAY TUNED )


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