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the coming of Jesus and Alien

Essay By: alienrainbow

my script about the saviour Alien and Jesus

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we move are body where we won't collide into things that hurt injure is is common sense if we was hit, crashed, whacked a item it would injure pain bleed cut bruise kill us we keep out of the way and move to keep healthy living. we only put things on are skin that make us feel fine anything that burns itches hurts us we keep off are body is common sense how we touch ourselves and a person they and we feel the touching.
we know today on earth creation that porn star world is a fantasy not reality.
jesus remains a fantasy as he is not on earth if he came to earth would he really make physical miracles happen or be a man that is just a fantasy writer we would not be healed in like how the descriptions he wrote.
earth creation may be the eternal life then paradise will never be are existence as the sex paradise is whichever identity we wish to play with and lost limbs organs won't grow back during this remaining lifetime left for your body to live.
Alien Rainbow is a fantasy where is his porn star world creation it does not exist as we live in earth creation not yet lived in porn star world creation and earth creation is not a fantasy as we live in earth creation.
body change is a fantasy as we live in one body creation.
at least we have the chance to live in earth creation to be attractive live in wealth enjoying sex feeling healthy but not every person lives this great life on earth who has suffered until death from torture, poverty, cold.
the devil creation has become reality and the porn star world creation is fantasy smd fantasies do not become real until made to be physical and world designed in are existence.
Jesus and Alien Rainbow both are still fake prophets as we have not returned to earth to heal all people and make us live in paradise how we described in are story but whenever are books become reality then we are true prophets.
Both Alien Rainbow and Jesus want to become real honest prophets about the good news in are books to be created as reality we take you people to live in porn star world and on earth being healed living in peace, warm and wealth with every service to feed, house, career, benefit and healthy entertain you with powerful clean technology, media and desire.
when a person has read porn star world the oracle books and jesus new testament story they are upset that they are not given body change or live in the miracles as the only fantasy that has a positive impact on peoples lives is the fantasies that can be made to really happen example the idea to help a person.
Noah is expected to become reality human person with power to heal us and feed drank vet care for animals creatures that are pets and wildlife.
when we feed we drank keep warm as prolonged cold hurt us.
Alien Rainbow is alive as a human living in earth creation then he has appeared on earth to foretell his fantasy.
He is from England shall be born in the midlands somewhere near a castle that represents a hero holding a bow and arrow where trees made a big forest.
Alien Rainbow is athletic his skin is brown and his hair has a skin gap at the front of his hairstyle.
It is said in the universe that Alien Rainbow is a magician of sound the meaning of this he uses technology gadgets to make sound play and only Alien Rainbow has the fingers to play majestic music the aliens had designed Alien Rainbow body to be musical and athletic.
He is a friend of jesus he will perform the prayer with jesus in Syria and israel tribes to influence the world in to happiness.
if porn star world was not real then there would never be sex paradise as every person would be born ugly we not have identity transform to play sex with are partner being attractive this would mean there is no world that makes us be physical healed from any injury right this moment as it takes a blind or injured person losing limbs organs to feel appear as a cured condition body right now to see and move as eyes, lost limbs organs do not grow back for to live life normal is to have every organ limb working.
to make porn star world become real it uses new bodies being any identity beautiful if creation never ever designed this porn star world would not exist only earth creation would continue to born us with one body if we become blind we are blind until death not every doctor nurse vet can cure are particular diseases not every surgeon can mend are lost organs not are body cells can grow back are missing body organs limbs only a new body can give us back are damaged missing body limbs organs as the new body we had was grown with these organs limbs having eyes looking ears hearing joints with muscle trained we are stronger moving.
if the fighters do not disappear from existence then the weapons they have manufactured they will use it to cause world war the anger they think is feeling to fight us they are insane.
we love are human body to feel healthy have all organs limbs working looking attractive then we also wish to have many new bodies be the angel being the new human body it has a sexy identity my girlfriend looks like a porn star i always wanted to sex or a person who was blind had a body with eyesight if creation became like porn star world we will not suffer living in the earth creation with one body until death.
porn star world is the good creation and earth creation is the bad design.
when miracle become reality it is to happen now giving us the age of physical good condition we wish we have become a thirty three year old human today it has 366 days in its year before i am thirty four an example on the 200 day of this year you became sick damaged then creation revert us back to the first day of this year when your body was in perfect condition right now as we lived that physical good condition right now earlier so physical miracles exist this is how healing works when jesus explained in his story.
what time has happened will become right now when we are it all is used is the physical good condition of your body we have lived with all are limbs organs working fine this is for the miracles of jesus to have a selection of past life to transform us physical in to or jesus would choose a miracle that transformed us we appear where we are now as something else is happened where we was and it may accident us or we can appear there.
one of the miracles for the blind came from the guide dogs for when jesus was not present in physical contact with each blind person there became a healing miracle for each guide dog to give each blind person restored eyesight people witnessed the blind person's eyes appear different looking like eyes that see all colours.
when this miracle occurred when jesus returned to earth all the blind people having no guide dog were sent to a guide dog to be healed of blindness to regain eyesight.
before this miracle became active the blind people walked with guide dogs with blind eyes. Noah wished to activate the restore eyesight miracle on the insect fly for the countries where guide dogs were far away to fly around blind people to give eyesight.
when many blind people were healed by guide dogs they were taken to public events and all the other blind people in each country attended the venue to visit the guide dogs.
blind people walked out the venue with eyesight now they walked a guide dog purchased as a pet to see everything and no people ever found blind people walking with guide dogs.
Noah then gave miracles to the flies to heal the deaf and cats were popular pets noah decided to make cats be deafness healing.
jesus wanted his healing powers to be activated on all animals for deafness, diseases and pain when people touched stroked pets they felt better it was the return of noah helping jesus be the messiah is physical proof returned to earth.
one it shall appear to old and loss of arms legs these disabled people appear being young aged about twenty or thirty years old with both legs arms feeling tremendous.
being born as a baby with a new body taking years to be grown up will be a thing of the past to appear as a twenty or thirty year old human this moment this made physical miracles for people disabled, sick, dying to be alive with good condition bodies.
No person had to wait twenty years to be twenty years old from birth we have lived the growing up life now it had to be are new body this age for miracles to be real right this moment or we would have to die be born and hope we are a perfect condition human body with eyes, ears legs, arms health athletic, horny and remain in super condition as we grow up safety away from accidents damaging are beautiful physique.
one day creation will make us appear in a new body this moment forever when we have a accident we will appear all a sudden healed this is when jesus and noah appear on earth.
this is when world peace became eternal all the fighters disappeared when they picked up weapons or began fighting with fists feet so we know before this the world was controlled by the devil they beat shot us.
the devil is controlled earth look people have suffered with missing legs arms, heads having medical treatment taking longtime to cure us some people recover less then one hundred per cent perfect condition as i found a person with a missing arm and leg or one eye was given medical treatment but eyesight was not restored is clear jesus and noah are not on earth as the animals also suffered physical damage.
when porn star world is on earth it will be issued on every planet in Space putting the evil on restraint planets blocking them from raping killing beating mugging us.
if a person is evil forever they can only commit evil in the devils creation where no miracles occur from porn star world.
if evil was dead for all the time porn star world was not on earth we would be people injured, sick and recovered or died but no torture, war, theft, rape would of happened.


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