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How racism is visible in the town of Maycomb. How racism is visible in the town of Maycomb.

Essay By: hanenabla97

This is my class essay on To Kill a Mockingbird. A classic, that has been taught for more than 40 tears. It is a big part of my grade; I am not finished yet but I would like to see if anyone has anything they think I should change or do better.

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As illustrated in To Kill a Mockingbird, racism affects the way that people treat others and victimizes them depending on their complexion that can lead to false accusations, irrationality, and poverties. These examples are very apparent to some characters such as, Tom Robinson, Bob Ewell, and Helen Robinson. As the town already has hardships, racism makes it harder for them to live and function correctly; a secret evil in racism emerges.

The most obvious victim of racism in this story is Tom Robinson. He is a black hardworking man that is falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell, Bob Ewell's daughter. He was brought in front of a white men jury for trial. Atticus was defending him and decided to be his lawyer. Although Atticus gives them all the apparent facts that Tom Robinson is innocent, the clear racism in the thoughts of the jury sentences him to death. Atticus Finch tells him that they still might have a good chance but Tom Robinson thinks that he will only be judged by the color of his skin once again. He doesn't want to take a chance but instead he takes it into his own hands and tries to escape from jail. During this attempt he dies, he gets shot seventeen times by the guards. Atticus says," I told him what I thought, but I couldn't in truth say that we had more than a good chance. I guess Tom was tired of white men's chances and preferred to take his own."(TKAM pg. 315) Either way he went, it would have ended up badly. If he decided to face the jury again they would have found him guilty and hung him. The guard did not have to do what he did, but the malevolent of racism overcomes the pureness of people and creates bad outcomes.

Racism also affected Bob Ewell that destroyed him in a way, and the town will never understand that racism has that effect on people. After the Tom Robinson trial, Bob Ewell started recalling the people that made him look imprudent in the court rooms, which were Atticus Finch and Judge Taylor. He holds a massive grudge against them. Bob Ewell attempts to break in to Judge Taylor's house but the plan fails, later he attacks Atticus's children, Jem and Scout, to try to get revenge on him. Arthur Radley (Boo) came to help the kids. During this process, Bob Ewell gets killed. The cause of death was irrationality and stupidity; he based his grudge on racist belief. Some may not see it but racism also affects the people that put that racism onto others.


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