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Essay By: mongoe charles


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in 2006 ,june .i was introuduced in the new invironment,at high level of schooling,that is college the name of campus Mapulaneng(south east FET college).two years back before i was registered at college.i want to Johannesburg for work,there i get a free lesson un expected,at Johannesburg life is so fast,the culture and style of difference people.as i was away from home and people whom i know.

challenges was from left to right and test was all the time,in the morning going to work by tax or train,still it was the some,you see many beautiful girls and succesful young man doing they best to make life work,remember we all came to make money,with our difference ways,your pocket only knows by you and the one whom you like to get involve in your life and walking on street,people see you on the minds what you have or want to be.

one word that come out from your mouth could save you or kill,it can also make you reget you ever see or meet with that person or be in that situation in life and again it can make be proud of yourself..that how i learn that life is to risk,you could get aids or arrested even get involved in crime activities with the need of money but you need to choose, that how life is

every advertisment,news paper and magazines,there is a way to survive in the city and sex is part of making money, many girls participate and want to see it market as a real bussiness in the country not in south africa only most so many countries now..they believe is they ways of making money and skills they have

over coming temptation was a test to pass through,that i did but how i did it i still wondered,because there are no time to learn on class..whatever step you take could lead you to new life that you not prepare to live in,..fear was always there,lucky was too,but as they says step forward is a risk that many fear and end up steping back,the fear of unknown and taking it is a risk.that how we live to live is a risk.through stories of others you learn how to step save and face future

the stories of so many people whom are being change by the life of the city,it was want i came here knowning but now is a real life to face without one telling me,that did give me a courage to stick in to whom i am and do what i came here to do and forget the failure of others.

yes in the city , money is life,without money no life you can't survive the way you want to survive,that how others get find it easy to sales they boby for money,who can blame them.that why crime take place now and again because of money.when you walk in the street you start market what you have bad or good,you become the product of your own work(you have money or not)but how can we help you,that how people says in heart

i came to this city in fear and respect of it's life changing,so my mother put a bible in my bag thought it could save me and motivate me,yes i believe it did work that one.so i was prepare to stick on being me and not changed by what i see people do.that did give me a chance to write some note for the future reference,in my mind,everything that i see happen in my life and around is being noted in my heart.

that was a good high grade lesson that i did first learn before coming to this one at college.there in the heart of south africa.the city of gold that small province with a lot of people,passing ther was on the good deal,a good grade to face and have exprience in life to face college and the life which for me i seen it as similler

if you want to find money,or know people who always have money that is student for sure i was there i seen it,those people they have enough money,yes they are some whom are strungling financial but they have their ways of surviving there in the college because money is the name of the game,you need to generete one to make lving easy,because you need to eat,read books,register and write that all need your money even for you to celebrate at the end

there life was so serious more than i was expecting when coming from the city.night studies,parties,trips more closed relationship,as people whom are with you are all on the mine diging for gold to save the future.again doing this bussiness studies and find myself in the section block for marketing,accountiong,public relations studies with that reason,many student are find in this section those who are lazy,than engineering was little bit better

i did not forget that i came to study and what i wanty to do when i finish here,friendship was not part of it as i did realized that it will take me time to make a good selection of good people to associate with.i did try to distance my self which did not work,because i was a tool to others,my mind and understanding of thing differ so many wanted me more than i want them.one did face her fear and speak to me"why did you distance yourselve from us" at that point i did know that even if i can explain she would not understand and may be many are having this question so they will look at me as other wise.so its my class mate i have to join them and work with them

every lecture like me and i was this claver and i get support from them to pass,and did not disappoint them.that was another reason every person wanted to be close to me.i join them but never forget my interntion in life.so now watch how i spend time with them and how is it related to our studies.that how i learn to stdy life and why i could live with others.

i did not talk out of contant,it was what they needed me for i believe but oh i was wrong.other girls arranged night study with with at college and even want to visit where i stay.with that my eyes become more open and i was to show who i am to them and make myself clear

i hated to be lead,no one could lead me unless that person join me and do by style and standard of life.so think of my money,yes the reason was the place i stay was a high class family with all person could need to do better on his work,that family were a rich,as poor i was and that family treated me like a prince living in the palace.

i did not allows friend to come over on the place i stay but attend them on the campus,that was protecting others to get hurt and myself.for when temptation get high something happen.my moral life and standard forward that did put me on the save place to win ove this temptation that had come in to my life

so this i can say

knowing who you are ,what you want,cake make you win like me,every kind of temptation,peer presure,crime and need of money..is nothing

be a leader of your own life,make a choice,choose who you wish to become.know what you wants in likfe and make a positvie ways to reach and get it

stop blaming the weather,others and blame yourselve,lift yourselve high

remember temptation are like test,if you win,you get promoted and you are not alone many like you, want through it for they success. be a human take that risk and face the future

study life and compared it with your goal and dreams make a way to avoid the danger of temptation and failure

because temptation can make you fail

its goodness is on your eyes

it will never last for a day

your goal is in your heart

close your eyes ,see through your heart


by charles mongoe


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