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Happiness As a Life Goal

By: bethanysousa

Page 1, You can easily blinded by temporary happiness, but always stay true to yourself and happiness can be achieved.

In life, sometimes our mind takes control of everything we believe in. We do things we don’t want to or ever thought we would, and we fool ourselves into thinking we're happy, when we’re really not. True happiness lies within your heart and what you truly believes satisfies you. And the truth is, happiness isn't always permanent. At some points in your life you will feel temporary happiness in things you believe to fulfill you desires, but that can all change. Something that once made you happy, can later upset you to think about, but that doesn’t leave room for regret. Never regret anything. Although we face painful experiences in our lives that we wish to erase from our memory, we must be able to accept that it is impossible. We must embrace those experiences and see them as our way of growing. Why waste your time being mad about something if you can’t change it anyways? Think of it as a lesson learned and use it to better your future. Use your wisdom and create the change you want for yourself. If you sit around and wait for a change and for something better to come along, then you aren’t living the way you should be. Nobody said life was going to be easy, it’s something you’re going to have to work hard at and learn to deal with, but when and if you are wise enough to get to where you want to be, there will be endless smiles. When you’ve figured yourself out and know what you want, everything will be worthwhile. True happiness is always worth the struggle, but it’s important you know what makes you happy, because there’s nobody in his world that knows you better but yourself. Our moods are unpredictable and our choices at times can be completely insane, but it’s what we want and that’s all that matters. We're not going to be waiting around for a better life and ignoring our own decisions because it isn’t what other people want for us. Sometimes what other people want for us, isn’t what is best for us. If you want change, make a difference and create it yourself. And when it comes to relationships, don’t wait around for the perfect person, because nobody is perfect, but that also doesn’t mean you should settle for less. You are your own person. You should control the outcome of your life, and if that means losing people along the way, then obviously they weren’t worth your time. Sometimes holding onto something worthless for so long, can only create trouble—something you don’t need in your life. Life is stressful enough as it is, you do not need to find continuous problems that lead to unhappiness. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right; if it isn’t, you shouldn’t be wasting your time on it anyways. It’s important that you maintain yourself and the people you love happy, but specifically you. Life is filled with unexpected surprises and if you know how to deal with everything the right way, you’ll have the time of your life. But don’t get me wrong, there will be hard times where things seem completely unfair, but the perfect life is only in fairytales. There will be times where you don’t want to do anything or even talk to anyone, but I promise you’ll get over it as long as you keep a positive attitude. There are so many struggles along life’s path but you can’t be blinded with the negative aspects of it. Stay focused on what makes you happy, and you won’t go wrong. Be yourself and live your own life. Laugh continuously. Love endlessly. Live life fully, and achieve happiness. -Bethany Sousa

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