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Life as shades of grey

Miscellaneous By: bethanysousa

This piece deals with overcoming life's struggles and understanding what it takes to be happy.

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Life is never black or white. It is a complex phenomena in which humans, or any species for that matter, will never be able to fully comprehend. Bad things happen to good people and some people's lives are taken generally before they should be. Sometimes the people who show the most respect are the ones who are most mistreated... Sometimes love, care, and effort is never reciprocated and sometimes that breaks people's hearts. At times, everything is going great and suddenly everything that could possibly go wrong hits you. But that's simply because life is shades of grey... It's a complex thing that we will never understand, but the truth is, we don't need to. God never gives us more than what we can handle, and when we're put through tough situations, we know they're opportunities to grow. We are a species that is capable of absolutely anything and we have control of our actions. Whether or not we are faced with negative experiences, if we have positive perspectives, we can overcome everything. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we should take into consideration our blessings. There will always be someone out there that has it worst than you do, and chances are, they are getting by just fine. The thing with society now-a-days is our twisted perceptions because of media. We are all so focused on the people we are "expected" to be, that we lose sight of who we really are. Life seems like a constant competition to impress others, but that is an empty satisfaction. We find temporary happiness is material goods, but it isn't worth it. Society as a whole should spend more time focusing on building true relationships with one another in which trust can be exchanged, instead of superficial acquaintances. Like I said, we all have control over our lives and we all determine our own happiness. If you feel as if someone is a threat to your happiness, they are unnecessary in your life. Hold onto the good things and let go of the bad. Take into consideration the long term consequences of your actions and think twice about how your decisions can affect others. Being a good person has never caused harm to anyone, and it truly benefits everyone in general. The next time you start to believe that life isn't fair or it's not worth trying because you won't understand, think twice. Life is a billion shades of grey, and our experiences are everything in between black and white. Don't feel the need to understand life, just live it, and never forget to enjoy it. -Bethany Sousa


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