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Rantings #1

By: Seeking Feedback

Page 1, I sat at the computer consumed with the urge to write. I picked up my hands and began typing. After a few grammatical errors were corrected this was the result.

The minute you open your heart to anyone in any given situation you put yourself in a position to have a profound eruption of emotion. At best we hope for it to consist of nothing but glitz and glory. Those moments of grandeur are presented to us and we welcome the warmth radiating from within. The adrenaline that accompanies completely consumes our souls. It is the times like the ones  I have mentioned that keep humans running at their daily pace.
    When lost in that feeling, a feeling so overwhelming that we lose our breath. If its even only for a minute. We chase that feeling and those who provide it.  Doing our best to captivate hoping for the best. We dance, we sing, we celebrate, all of us rejoicing in the many pleasures of love. Oh, what fools they are. We take the ball and run with it, oh what happy fools they are. We court, we admire, and  then we drop the ball. Quickly we recall what has us running and take off again lost in love, what blind fools they are. There is no comparison to the rewards, when everything is going as we hoped. What a mockery of this magnificent gift handed down from our creator. We twist it and corrupt it and use it up till there is nothing left but a dose comparable to the size of a mustard seed.
    Out of the fog comes a kindred spirit, "Fret not, one dose is all you need". With that one dose you can achieve many things. We scrummage for the strength to fight a little harder. Through the fight we find we find everything that matters to us and come to find the core of our values.  Somewhere along the way we realize that we have a longing that we never knew we had. That longing has been there calling to us over and over. Echoing from the pit of the same place that held the desire that was able to soar high above. That same one laughing, dancing, and singing amongst that flock of happy fools. When the adrenaline has subsided you have a stead fast understanding, or so you think you do.
    There is a compromise you make between flight and landing with both feet on the ground. You can either pack your bags and continue to soar never really knowing your destination, or you can stand grounded taking notes about what you know you must do. It seems you lost your way en route with that pack of happy fools. Where did they land? Where was their destination? Did they ever really know? Here you stand knowing without a doubt what you have to accomplish. You have to become a different sort of happy fool. The path that was destined for you falls into place making everything flow as it should. From time to time memories of flight effect the mapping of your current destination. You imbecile,  you thought you knew beyond a doubt what you must do!
    You do not need wings to fly and you still have no knowledge of your destination, but this is the path that has been set into motion for your flock. Step by step, consequence by consequence, you have lifted off the ground. You are soaring through the air now but you are not alone. Spread out your wings and make that solid V. You are in flight with those that know where you are going and they have no problem showing you the way. Open your eyes! You would not want to miss a single thing along the way. There is that flock of happy fools! They are singing, dancing, and laughing! Give your best, your strength, your all! Always fight a little harder! Those singing, laughing, dancing fools! They are the dose you need to let your guarded heart grow and grow.
    You have not quite arrived to where you need to be. My friend, I must advise you that your path is long, indeed. We all need a bit of guidance, yet at the same time we can show the way. Your flock is still in strong formation,  be sure to do your part.  Who would have guessed it! There really are some that still have lots of heart. Can you see them? There they are there! That singing, laughing, dancing pack of happy fools.

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