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Wanna be a star like those high up in the sky?

By: PoppyCornie

Chapter 1, Jaclyn did not know about her talent of singing.Her journey of being a star begins when she stepped up onto the stage and and awed her friends with her charming vocals.....

" Are you ready for the trip? My heart is totally going to BURST! I am so excited! Aren't you excited?" Samantha asked me through the phone.

"Of course, but not to the extent that my heart is going to BURST. Don't be too exaggerating!" I replied her while doing her last minute check.

I hung up the phone and rushed to the kitchen to grab a bun before leaving home. When I reached school, the atmosphere here is weird. Pupils are grinning from ear to ear yet some parents are crying. Same situation for me. My mum was crying and mumbling," take care of your self, don't leave alone okay?" I nodded my head vigourously and dashed off to look for Samantha. Once attendances are checked, we line up in single file and head for the bus.

As usual, the same situation happend again on the bus. Me and my classmates are snatching and quarreling for seats. Our teacher, Miss Leecame and just arrange seats for us but the seat i wanted to sit got taken by the arrogant Jenny. She stick her tougue out to irritate me but I ignored her. "Vroom Vroom..." the bus started to move. We asked for permission to use our phones and the bus started to fill with Jenny and her so called " GG- Girls Gang" voice. Jenny took out her latest Iphone 5 and started to boast around. She also claimed that she has a charming voice, but when she started singing, you could even hear the creaks in her voice. Samantha covered her mouth and whispered to me," Her voice is like a old rocking chair creaking right?" I laughed softly in order not to let Jenny hear and nodded my head, agreeing with what Samantha said. Just like that, the bus filled with laughters arrive at the destination.

We unpacked our things and got ready for our night gathering. A HUGE banner was hung up on the stage, with wordings " Solo Duo Singing". " Erm... Jaclyn... do you know what that mean?" Samantha asked me with a HUGE question mark on her face. However, before i could reply, an unwanted reply was given by Jenny. " I mean seriously? Are you stupid or ignorant? It is so easy to understand." Jenny said with her arm crossed. " Oh really? Then may i asked your majesty what does it mean?" I stood out for Samantha and asked her." Erm... It means..." Jenny stammered and turn her head to ask Tammy who was beside her. " Forget it Jenny!" I shouted. Jenny's face suddenly turned as red as tomato."Oh my god! Did you see that? You pissed her off till her face and ears were red! Good job!" Samantha whispered to me. "Okay pupils i have to apologise to you that actually now we were supposed to do some activies but our props are not here. So to replace the activies we decided to hold a talent competition!" Miss Lee annouced.

"So , who shall we start first?" Miss Lee asked. Hands of pupils wailed through the air and the arrogant Jenny was picked. "Gasp! She... is not gonna sing right?" Samantha mumbled. Jenny requested for the song "Dancing Queen" sang by GG, different name but same short form, Girls Generation. When the music started, she begin dancing and singing. However, one thing she doesn't know, she is ruining the atmosphere. Finally after three minutes, the song end and everyone pretend to enjoy her singing in order not to provoke her. "Next... Jaclyn!" Miss Lee shouted. "What! Erm...Okay fine..." I replied. "Haha she gonna make herself embarrassed in front of everyone. My singing is much better than hers."Jenny boasted. I requested for Secret Love by BAP and started to sing.

In contrast, when i started singing, everyone's attention is on me. Even Jenny got a shock." Woah her voice is so charming!" said Marcus and Alex. Everyone is like under my spell (except for Jenny, i think you know right?) When the music ends, applauses were given to me. Miss Lee was so shocked that her jaws was about to drop. But, only one person started to get jealous about my voice...

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