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Eirawen, as White as Snow

Novel By: Sambelini

This is for a challenge in which we re-write fairy tales! And so, this is my adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs :) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 6, 2010    Reads: 69    Comments: 8    Likes: 3   

The child was born one day that spring, hairless and pink as most babies are, and her mother wondered painfully if the child had heard her request. Two things were certain; she was, in fact, a girl and she had, in fact, blue eyes. But the mother knew that eyes were prone to change, and since the skin colour could hardly be determined and the lips blended lightly into the pinkish tinge, she worried still.

Three weeks later, Dara finally concluded that the skin was truly white, the eyes were truly blue, the lips were truly red, and the hair was truly black, and so her heart grew. The babe was given the name "Eirawen" meaning "Snow-White" after Dara's wish. She loved the child as a memory of Darrin and a new beginning to her life, so she moved from the small house that same day. As a cloth maker for the King, she raised the Eirawen dearly and alone for all of the first year.

"Hello good sir, what will you be needing this spring morning?" the woman asked a new buyer in ornate clothing as her one-year-old played with spools of thread in the corner.

"I shall be needing a wife to queen my realm," he said smiling, "And all the town has agreed that you are the most beautiful of peasants, the most humble of women, and the most loving to your child. My kingdom is my child and I must love it as you love yours. Will you be my wife this day and live with me in my castle?"

"Sire, you are not the king of this country. Whence do you come and how far is the travel?" she could hardly ask, so was she shocked.

"I am King Ryan of Reinheim, two days north by my horses," he answered and produced a ring so dazzling, Dara could scarcely take her eyes away.

"I cannot marry you," she said to him firmly, "I cannot love you. My love is dead, for I am dead. My soul and spirit died with my first husband."

"So long as you can love your child, I will believe you can love your people. If you cannot love me, so be it. A queen's love for her people values more than her love for her husband."

"Very well," she replied finally, "I will marry you so long as you do not demand my love."

"Of course, my queen," King Ryan smiled and put the large ring on her thin finger, but secretly he believed she would come to love him in time.

The journey back to his castle lasted near four days and Dara came to ask her fiancé why he had lied.

"So sorry, my darling," he said sincerely, "It is these hills, you see? They are steeper to go home by than to come."

She left again to sit in her separate carriage with Eirawen, for it was not right for the queen and king to ride together before their wedding. The child slept silently through most of the ride and Dara was dearly thankful for her.

Once in Reinheim, the two were married right away and she was given her place in the castle. The servant said to her,

"Fair Queen, you shall never be asked to lay your hand upon a loom again, nor to cook another meal, nor to wash another cloth."

To this she replied, "Suppose I wish to make a fine blanket for my daughter?"

"It shall be arranged," answered the servant.

"Suppose I wish to cook my daughter a special meal?" she asked.

"It shall be arranged," answered the servant.

"Suppose I wish to clean my daughter's clothes?" she asked.

"It shall be arranged," answered the servant, and he left.

"Suppose I do not wish for it to be arranged?" she then asked herself and took her daughter up in her arms. The girl had been clothed in red silk and velvet, purple ribbons in her hair, and gold chains around her neck, which she chewed now happily.

Her mother took them away and said, "Chains of all kinds are a prison."


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