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Unreachable Romance

Novel By: SilentShadow

A story of a young prince, his first and last love. But it wasn't a happy ending. View table of contents...



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The party was huge & grandiose. Two separated kingdoms, Okaland & Esterland had finally agreed to sign the reunion paper after decades of war. Citizens were pleased, as there would be no war but peace, no death but new life. To remember this extraordinary day, the King of Okaland decided to hold a celebration inside & outside the royal castle.

At the night of celebration, citizens were celebrating on the streets. Young, old, men, women & children all ran out from their houses to the streets, dancing around the fire, playing loud & exhilarating music that made people wanted to jump out & dance like a drunk monkey. The whole streets were lighted with fire & filled with shouts & happiness.

In the palace, it was also full with people, rich wealthy people. Foods were mouth-watering, drinks were strong & intoxicating & the music performing by the orchestra was delightful & classic. They weren't like those outside the streets: no shouts or screams, no crazy awful dance or setting fire. They were quiet, very quiet & having fun, too. Just like I said, the party was huge & grandiose, but lousy & boring. Dukes were boasting about their wealth & bravery, boosting their self-esteems. Duchesses were flaunting their jewelry & beauty, making other jealous. All were triumphant & having fun, except one young man, one of the king's sons.

Prince Leo, the second son who was trying to hide his true identity so, those filthy young women could leave him alone. Apart from three handsome princes of Okaland, Prince Leo was the most handsome one. He had a heart-shaped face with wide forehead & pointed-chin, hooked nose with chisel look. His pair of soul-catching eyes could hook up the souls of thousand of girls, one gentle smile could make every woman fall for him & his talent in piano, sword fighting & horse riding could make every woman scream like baby. But two things he didn't have were self-confidence & interest in fooling around with women… unlike his two brothers.

He had been watching & listening others' conversation, listening but no interest in what they were discussing. Standing alone with a glass of wine, watching & observing, waiting for the celebration to end so, that he could go back to his bed. He had been searching and searching, wondering when he could get out of this miserable society which he was not keen of. Actually, he wasn't keen of anything since the day his mother died, the day the god took away his passionate soul. He was searching a way out of this place… exploring until his eyes were seized onto "something" that made him stop doing what he intending to do. No… It wasn't "something", it's "someone", someone who stole his attention: a lady in a pink dress with pink gloves, her hair were dark & beautifully tied, blue eyes of her were sparkling among the crowds, her feminine alluring figure was like the shadow of a mermaid. Standing with a group of people, holding a glass of wine chattering with a charming smile on her face. In his eyes, she was the only star shining among the darkness. He couldn't get his eyes off her. A smile on her face made his heart beat fast, a gesture of hers made him melted. The way she looked at him made him paralyzed. It was only seconds when their eyes were fixed on each other, but in his truly heart, it was eternal, endless. He wished the time would stop ticking, at that moment, he wasn't thinking about how boring and dull his life was. At that moment, his occupied mind stopped thinking & rested. At that moment, he was flying; he was on top of the world. But in the end, that moment didn't last forever; he was brought back to the reality…

The slow dance music started playing. He uttered himself, "This is the GREAT chance! Don't let go! Seize it!" So, he cleared his throat, took a deep breath, straightened his back, looked at her & walked straight to her in slow pace to ask for a dance. But once he got closer to her, his courage were like birds flying out of the cage for freedom. The footsteps were getting slow & recoiling. He was getting weaken; heart beating faster & faster that he could hear it loud and clear. "Oh god, I'm getting closer," he murmured, "What am I doing? I…I…I think I should go back…" "No, you coward!! Go! Go & ask for a dance!!" He was struggling. Then he stopped. Eyes wide opened & froze… Staring at her gave her hand to another man. Now, he could only watch them dance. He lost it. He lost an once-in-a-lifetime chance…

After that party, he never saw her again. It was the best party he had ever had. Every day, he kept replaying the scene in his mind, the scene when their eyes were fixed on each other, the scene when she tenderly grinned at him. That was the first time he fell in love & he knew it would be the last time… He didn't even know her name, where she from & he didn't even know if she had already found her guy. Why was he so fascinated by this stranger? Despite the entire unknown mystery about her, deep down inside his heart, yelling: "No! She hadn't." He didn't know how he knew it & didn't matter how but he was certain about it… Why was he so sure? Another certain thing was that she also felt the same way like he did, maybe not the exact same way but she felt something on him, too, which made him grateful & thrilled. The party, that lousy & boring party changed him into a complete different human. Doing things he never willing to do: eager to attend all the parties & celebrations just to get a chance to meet her again. But unluckily, the cupid was not on his side…

Days went by and months after, he became like a man who has been poisoned… Day after day, his hope and happiness fainted away little by little like a nearly dying man losing his hope of surviving; he was gradually falling down from top of the world and down back to his hopeless life again.

King of Okaland, his name was Arthur. Unlike the other king, he had a heart fill with kindness & had sympathy on his people. Devoted his life to people he loved, willing to give up everything for them & for peace. He wasn't born of royal blood; he was an ordinary farmer who made his way up to sitting on the throne ruling the kingdom. He knew what his people needed as he was born in the time when the land was corrupted. In his time, the king was a heartless malevolent monster killing innocent people for pleasure. Most people died of starvation & some were executed for treason that they have never done. After years of agony & suffer, citizens' wraths became like a thunderstorm roaring day & night. Raids & rebellions had begun. Arthur led the troops of rebels to overthrow this corrupted king. Within a short time of sacrifices & attacks, he succeeded & became the King of Okaland. And that was the time he met Helen, the Queen of Okaland, Leo's mother. They got married & gave birth to three sons, Prince Alex, Prince Leo & Prince Henry. Ten years later, the Queen died during the sleep without any pain. She died like the way she deserved it: peaceful death. The King had been faithful to Queen for 15 years. Until...

The day of his father's wedding came; two of the princes were glad about it, apart from Leo: he was glad, too but also desperate. He was happy for his father for the reason that at last, the King had finally found his happiness again. He was desperate also because of his father's marriage: he was marrying HER (the HER), the lady who stole his heart. She was going to be his stepmother… "Stepmother"... He couldn't imagine how it would be to call her "stepmother" instead of "wife". He couldn't imagine how vicious it was for him to see her & father showing intimacy on dinner table. He couldn't dare to watch & listen them saying vows to each other. He couldn't imagine how it would be to see her every day but can't touch or tell her: "I'm in love with you. Madly in love. Marry me." He was heartbroken. Poker face, that was all he had. He fell down from heaven like a bird without wings and went down straight to the burning hell. He couldn't bear it. He was numb… "So, this is the feeling of heartbroken." He whispered. As heart being stabbed with knives & still pounding… Heart being tortured by them as the beats only makes them penetrate deeper & deeper until the tips of the knives came across the middle of the heart…

"I can see her again." He comforted himself: "At least…I can see her every day. At least I know her name now, Katherine, Katherine Villius." She hadn't changed. And his feeling for her also didn't change either but getting intense. Her face, her smile & her every movement still drove him crazy.

After the enormous wedding ceremony & exaggerating parties, she had officially become the Queen, the king's wife: his "stepmother". He couldn't tell whether she was happy or not… After all his opinionated ideas of how she felt about him, he lost his self-confidence & confidence of guessing. She never looked at him anymore. She was avoiding him…why? For several months, he locked himself in his cage (his room) to avoid seeing her, her attractive face, her charming smile, her seductive eyes & most important of all, their close attachment.

The relationship between he & his father was getting cold as they barely spoke except the bond between brothers was getting strong as they spent more time with each other. It was a warm lovely sunny day; three handsome princes were riding their own gorgeous horses & admiring the panorama. While ambling down across the royal garden, Eldest Prince, Alex & youngest Prince, Henry, both admitted that they felt awkward about their father's marriage. Even the mighty king who had been faithful to his wife could not resist the allurement of a beautiful attractive lady, just like them.

They admitted. They finally admitted. In their eyes, Katherine was also like an angel to them, but an unreachable angel. Even so, Leo kept quiet about his feeling for Katherine. Pretending he had no interest at all. Assuming she was just one of those girls who would give up their souls for prosperity. I mean who wouldn't? Who wouldn't want to do that after they have suffered the torment of poverty? It was just a mask on his face, an iron shield to hide his true heart.

He had been watching her all along, observing her every movement, what she liked, what she did, how she was acting, without being noticed. One of his talent is that he could be an invisible man; doing things without being noticed like a thief. No one had ever noticed his queerness, not yet, not even his brothers. But sooner or later, they would…

To be Continued…


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