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By: 39strypes

Page 1, It is for every man out there, For every girl out there, For every children out there, For every family out there.

She's young and beautiful, 
Strong and got attitude, 
she’s got no substitute, 
and with her I see my dreams coming true. 
She's the reason why I work, 
the reason why I have to be strong, 
the reason why I pray non-stop, 
to keep her path right with God. 
She's the reason for this song, 
the reason I wake up all night long, 
the reason for our joy, 
cos she's the seed of our love. 
She's now sixteen, 
looking sweet and loving, 
Beautiful than me and mummy, 
that everyone calls her honey. 
She is daddy's little girl, 
A rare gem among friends, 
A beautiful angel in the sight of men, 
A blessing to her generation



Written By: Peter Excel 

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