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Ibolg - Celtic Spring- I welcome You with Joy

Poetry By: donkylemore

The Sun festivals of ancient Ireland are still known by their old Irish names, Imbolg, Beltine, Lughnasa and Samhain. These Sun festivals are many thousands of years old; they have survived an imperial invasion and occupation for 800 years and the attempted erasure of indigenous consciousness by the catholic church for almost 1500 years. These Sun festivals are the gateway for todays Celtic Men and Women to celebrate with the Celtic Gods – Brigid at Imbolg, Bile at Beltine, Lugh at Lughnasa and Tlachtga at Samhain.

But the advice for anyone seeking connection to the Celtic Gods is to avoid the current catholic calendar of the so-called civilised world to time your ceremony. Pagans and Druids on a Celtic Path use Natural Time as their ancestors did – this means working with the alignments of the oldest temples to the four bright stars in the belt of the Zodiac. The Solstices and Equinoxes do not line up with particular Stars, they are turning points of the day / night balance such as when the Sun’s energy enters the ancient temple at Bru na Boinne (Newgrange) energising the God Dagda after the longest night of the year. The history and correct timing methods are shared below for those who wish to walk a Celtic Path.
But this is my paen to give Joy for the arrival of the season of hope and optimism- and the realization of all possibilities

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I feel at last the drumbeat of the Earth as the soil awakens,
Hear the siren song
On the gentle west wind
The lusty smell of upturned clay
The dank odours ,Leaching from the soil
Beneath my upturned boat
As a furtive robin
Comes chirping from the fringes of the hedgerows

The sky seems higher and the dome more open and receptive
And with a sideward flirting glance- so biddable
And the billowing clouds skirt and skin across the heavens
Like a little girl dancing across the school stage
Shy and coy
Impish and triumphant
As she spots her parents
in the front row ,
Of the school musical
And she's a princess for the night,

I know my gloom is lifting
And the defeat of winter is
Scurrying with the wind
And the hope of optimism is neigh-
So near I dare to touch its fabric
Kiss its sweet lips ; awakened
Chaste ; But oh ! So Sweet
My goddess has arrived .

Sweet Spring I welcome you
With every cell of my vacuous tissue;
For I am lost without your caress,
The comfort of your close embrace
The silken feel of your promise
Like a lover in repose

Spring - Take m now
To your tender bosom
For I have yearned this day all winter,
And feared mightily
When your Sun dipped below the ecclipse
Before the equinox.

But , let us be jubilant
Oh ! Joy! - You have arrived !!


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