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Love Nature

By: June Martin

Page 1, This is again, a poem to aware about Nature and its beauty. Hope you like it! :D


The Song of Nature


Behold when the sea roars to its high,

Behold when the winter sky turns faintly bright,

Behold when the first ray of dawn rises o’er the mist,

And revamp the morn with pleasant light.


Behold when the bee sits on the first flower of its day,

Behold when the butterfly flies with colors that still remain.

Behold when the trees lightly sway,

And takes all fears away.


Behold when the buttercup’s aroma spread,

Behold when the fruits ripe, freshly made,

Behold when the clouds smiles to the Earth,

And gives nature an eternal birth.


-          June Martin



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