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Ode to the Earth

By: June Martin

Page 1, This poem is to aware the world of the nature\'s before and after. Lets take a step to make the world a better place just by caring about our mother earth.


Ode to the Earth copyrighted material


Let the stream make its sound,

Let the pretty flowers bloom,

Let the sky turn blue.

And let it kill the gloom.


Let’s make the earth proud,

For it lets us step on it,

And let the birds chirp loud,

Singing the song of glee.


Let the rain wash the soil,

And let its burnt color clean.

And the aromatic buttercups,

Flaunt their ochre in the scene


The gizmo up and above,

Was of times ago,

No more of that natural beauty

Is left to be adored.


So let’s pull our socks up,

And help our ancient planet,

 And return all that beauty,

And the last sonnet.

                            - June Martin

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