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Being me.

By: LaceyGerardMonroe

Page 1, So I am not an arrogant person nor do I think highly of myself. But I do believe that the person you will live with forever is yourself. It is important to know yourself. To love yourself. I am a Christian and love my God. But religion aside, you are the only person who knows everything about yourself. So take what you are and have. And try to make it the best. Work hard. Be the best damn you you can possibly be!!! So be great! Regardless of your mistakes or shortcomings. I think I got this message in to this poem.


I am not a model.

Not a hero.

I am not a supermodel. 

Not a superhero.


It is so undeniable.

I am so desirable.


When I arrive you yell.

When I enter you bow.

Don't try to fight it.

Don't try to change it.


I am invincible, invisible.  

I am untouchable.

You can't touch me.


These dogs chase me.

They want to kill me.

They hate me.

Because you love me!


The devil envies me.

The angels worship me.


A horn of a unicorn

and the dust of a fairy

is more believable than my existence.


I truly am great.

Everything i say is great.

Everything I do is great.

Everything I touch turns great.


I am not a king.

I am not even royalty.

But I am the best. 

The best there is.


These bitches want me.

These bastards hate me.

Because they can't stop it.

Because you  by DownloadNSave">love me.


So come on now and start to bow.

Come on now, you know you want to.


Chant my name.

Shout my name.

Join me.

Because bitch...


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