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Road To A Past Leaning Forward

Poetry By: NellyNel

When all hope is lost I losse the will to write. When all are gone I kill myself emotionaly with lies. This is my clasic poetry, a living memory of me.

Submitted:Jul 15, 2012    Reads: 12    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Every new beginning is the end of a beginning These poets words are simple pleadings Inside of my heart i have start believing In words of closing, breaking and deleting. There are words you wanna hear But never it has been clear That heaven says with a single tear A million letters in a second my dear. The passion is in your eyes It weighs as the burden of lies Even if i lie, not even in a million tries Can i ever be strong to be to realize Waiting to hear the words The singing passion the singing birds The million of horrors in your curves Is the venom that i wished i never deserved My heart is beating in your hands The earth and wind make up for the lands The promises i could never stop to glance Became dust to you in my minor trance I got your venom running thru my veins I got the whispers of your many names Glistening in my mind as pouring rains That keep me living as a pray that you desperetly try to tame Im not sure if that is a reality But i can live in my own mortality Yours is a moment in my life As a plan to fill my thrive Theres nothing i can do Than pray to the real and maybe true I could stay still and actually rue But then id be a looser who fought a shadow whose time is due It feels like the doors open to Maybe one memory or two If life wasnt round as the moon Then there would be no reason to bloom Memorys come with pain And words will always be the same We wish we could give up and remain But we must stand up to every posible killingful drop of rain As you hold my heart in hard grasp I wander in my mind trying no to gasp You want to destroy me to kill me as a wasp Drive in circles to see your face in even the asps The writing is the legacy The key to kill my hidden memory Lies inside these words made of me They die with the writer and live in the futures eye I would die for you my beloved creation I will live for you my damm retaliation Youre my troubled heart and devastation My only hope and single destination Faith works together as the wings of a plane Its a feeling that wont fade away and will forever remain Its a message hidden in letters in our name It belongs in us it will for all be the same The fallen angels once sang to me Of a world in flames without remedy But i believe we can change that song that we Can make it become a memory We live our lives around mirrors of them People change us in good and bad We can become better and be their condemn Let us be for once happy and never again sad Let turn this life bak around We discover who we are Now look up be that shinning star Let the snake souns be that retched sounds It hurts not to be who we are not But we cant live in shadows and began to rot We cant burn in memories We have to make them dreams and forgotten sceneries I know you know tht many dont care I know you know the evil mankind stare We see what everyone wants us to be We burn in fire so we can finally see The real side of me I know you know i cant change your mind But my friend dont give up not this time Let your words be heard louder than ever Dont stay quiet this world can change if we cry together If your a girl listen your a beauty queen It dont matter what not even if your not a teen If your a boy your just great Nver forget to be you and mever regret My friends be you Be real be true We all love everybody we just dont admit And a fire of hope is what i wanna lit Every beggining has an end Every end has a beginning My broken heart i need to tend But to heal it i must in you believe in


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