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Alice in madness.

By: PainWithoutLove

Page 1, Alice in wonderland part 1 the entrance of madness.


Once there was a rich girl,
The youngest in her family,
She spent her time in the gardens,
For that was where she felt most happy,
She always chased rabbits,
But this one different you see,
For it was cutching a pocket watch,
And exclaimed “I’m late for tea”

She followed the rabbit,
Further than ever before,
But she might not have done so,
If she knew what he had instore,
Before she knew it she began to fall,
And the rabbit was gone, where?
She could not recall,

As she fell, she saw strange things,
Floating clocks making musical tick tocks,
Bookless shelves and shelve-less books,
A world full mystery wherever she looks,

But nothing falls forever,
And neither did she,
She fell light as a feather,
Into a world,
As MAD as can be...

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