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Farewell to my Mom

By: Sadtunes

Page 1, I wrote this poem while cry. This is dedicated to my mom who just passed away. It\'s hard for me to unleash her in my heart.



From the night I glance at the gloomy sky

As I tried to find you, pleading to ask why?

Mom, you left me with a wounded heart

 And never thought that you would bequeath us

The love that you render to me

Is the greatest thing I ever had

In the bed where I lay, though sickly with anxiety

You’re there at my side, comforting me all the time

Then one night as I sat in my bed

I heard the vampire bat of death, screaming that my mama was dead

I hastily run to see and it was true, and it broke my heart into  two

My tears shed from my eyes with the burden of grief

And I can’t stick my eyes to see you in inanimate state

Now that you’d taken away

I hope that you won’t be astray

Within my heart and my soul all I want to say is

I love you mom.:(


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