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Beyond Poetic Imagination...

By: Tuppa

Page 1, This one is dedicated to all talented poets and poetess here in Booksie...enjoy

Thinking goes far beyond my dreams,

Clouds surrender to the faces, I have seen.

I run down to chase the frost and rain,

I am out of your world once again.

Stars fall to my way, down to the narrow lane,

Thunders climb the air to freeze my dream,

I love to live in my own heaven.

I do not want go far away from life,

To make wishes far faded or wide,

I do not wonder to see how the world goes with me,

I want to live my life to eternity.

To quantify my life, with gains or pains,

I do not wonder to see how the world goes with me,

Let life fall it’s way to paradise,

Living the day and night only to realize,

I am there for a while to watch you my life.

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